back to article Beeb reveals Kylie as Titanic waitress

The BBC has released the first still from Doctor Who Xmas special Voyage of the Damned, showing Oz popstress Kylie Minogue as a waitress on the Titanic. Kylie Minogue and David Tennant in Voyage of the Damned. Photo: BBC Filming on the yule extravangaza - described by Russell T Davies as "ambitious" - kicked off in Cardiff …


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  1. heystoopid


    Actually , there was an Edwardian period drama called Upstairs and Downstairs , which used all period costumes of that era to the letter , and sadly the PR photo of Kylie's maid outfit is very un Rose like indeed! , and appears to be at odds with the surviving photographs of both female crew and passengers taken at Southhampton and it's Irish Sea cross voyage as well.

    Oh well that my half cents worth!

  2. Chris Adams

    Re: Actually

    Hold the front page! Dr Who is not historically accurate!

    Don't care. Kylie looks great in that outfit. I'll try and refrain from the "she could go down on my Titanic anytime" gag because it's crude and lame. Well, I said i'd try.

  3. Law

    Title of my comment

    Kylie be thy name... SHAAAAWWWIIIIIING

  4. david

    Hang on a second

    On the Titanic? wouldnt that mean that David Tennant would have to meet Christopher Eccelstone who was photographed before boarding the titanic after saving a families life (episode 1 series 1) ? Kylie - what a great choice!!

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    At last, an episode with no connection to earth...

    Oops. Sorry, my mistake.

    Still, at least the Titanic didn't set sail from Cardiff...

  6. Gordon Ross Silver badge

    Sparrow, not Myles

    "Many wanted to see Myles take up permanent residence alongside the good Doctor for series four"

    Sparow or Myles don't care which, just get shot of CT. AARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH

  7. Gav


    "Still, at least the Titanic didn't set sail from Cardiff..."

    ...but the iceberg did.

  8. Bryan B

    Tennant & Myles

    ...are "an item", so maybe they're trying to avoid mixing work and pleasure (even though they met through work in the first place).

    Or maybe if the list on fan-site is accurate, she is just too busy with other work for the moment.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I'm doing nearly thirty

    "there was an Edwardian period drama called Upstairs and Downstairs"

    Oh, for heaven's sake, you're on the internet. There's no excuse for a mistake of this magnitude. Gordon Jackson will be turning in his grave.

  10. chris

    Sparrow vs Pompadour

    I think S4 of Doctor Who would have been turned into the best season ever if they just took both Sally Sparrow and Madame De Pompadour as his new assistant. Given his preocupation with Rose, maybe they could turn to each other...

    Either way - Tate?!!! NNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

    Oh yeah, Kylie and icebergs, back to the actual topic...

  11. Highlander


    Hmmm... wonder whether she could per persuaded to stay on as the Doctor's companion/assistant permanently? No, seriously. As much as I enjoyed Catherine Tate's buxom performance in her guest outing, the Doctor needs Kylie to spice things up a little.

    Perhaps I am biased I remember the Peter Davidson years very fondly, something to do with Tigan and her mini-skirts perhaps? Maybe it was the accent? And who could forget Peri?

    No, there's no doubt, we need Kylie to stay on permanently, at least until the Doctor figures out a way to convince the fabric of time and space to cough up Rose again.

  12. Brendan Weir

    Wrong adjective?

    I always thought she was diminutive...

    I'll get my coat...

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Tin Machine II


    Oh, for heaven's sake, you're on the internet. And you're a Dr Who fan. There's no excuse for a mistake of this magnitude. Gordon Jackson will be turning in his grave.

  14. Francis Burdett

    Questions on Minogue Costume

    We all understand that promotional photos often bear no concrete relation to what actually appears on screen- but how exactly does the costume that Minogue is wearing actually jibe with what _any_ young woman would have been wearing in 1912. Her "maid" costume would have been perfectly acceptable in 1932 but is highly anachronistic on the Titanic (well the leather boots would be out of place as well)

    That is if she was actually a domestic servant on the Titanic and not some sort of time traveler herself.

  15. Jason Togneri

    I just can't believe...

    Why on earth are you all going on about historical inaccuracy - and particularly in a series like this? So you're picking out that her costume is slightly wrong, but ignoring a time-travelling alien using futuristic gadgets (which to me, seems more likely to exist in 1932 but not in 1912...)? I suppose the good Doctor must be historically accurate then. This is science fiction, not a documentary (or a Doctormentary). It doesn't need to be historically accurate...

  16. Hamish


    I won't watch it if it's got Catherine Tate in it.

  17. Tom

    Well, good thing it hasn't

    Tate's not in the Crimbo episode...

    And Doctor Who isn't and wasn't Science Fiction. Science Fantasy is more apt but still pretty inaccurate... I don't see a whole lot of Science in it.

    I prefer "an adventure in time and space (as long as the space is Cardiff or London)"

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Let's start a petition...

    ... Number 10 to pass a law to ensure Sally Sparrow is the new doctor's assistant. Finally a good use for e-petitions.

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