back to article Moto says hello to disappointment with Q2 warning

Motorola is forecasting another dreary quarter, citing poor sales in Asia and Europe for its lower-than-expected outlook. Meanwhile, Motorola shares have risen almost 3 per cent on speculation that CEO Ed Zander may be ousted under the heat of a new campaign by an activist investor. The company's profit warning today declared …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Bring MikeZ back as CEO

    The first mistake the board made was to pass over MikeZ and hire Ed in the first place. MikeZ launched the breakthrough Razr and Ed has done nothing but turn it into a price dropping also-ran. MikeZ turned the largest Motorola P&L into the most profitable. The board went with a celebrity Ed with no track record of success just for the hollywood factor. Ed has done nothing but surround himself with even weaker leadership.

    Now MikeZ is doing his magic at Nortel.

    Bring MikeZ back!!!

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