back to article Microsoft promises VMware beater despite reversals

Microsoft has delivered a spirited defense of its Windows virtualization roadmap, blaming misreporting - not internal disorganization - for causing confusion. Andy Lees, corporate vice president for server and tools marketing and solutions, claimed that recent press coverage saying Microsoft's virtualization architecture wouldn …


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  1. The Cube

    And what version of Windos Server will you need for this?

    Of course Microsoft won't confuse the roadmap or their customers with licensing, or overprice anything. So long as you buy Windows 2008 Server 'Enterprise Ultimate Edition' at $10,000 per processor core you can virtualise the OS. No doubt the EULA will say 'non' to virtual machines for any lesser, more sensibly priced version and Windows Genuine Disadvantage will give you 60 days to upgrade to Enterprise Ultimate or grass you up to FAST.

    (No I am not a Linux user)

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Server Core

    Given the Server Core plans, I'd suggest you're probably very wrong indeed. Which is nice.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    No Windows Genuine...

    Windows Genuine is only found on consumer pcs and SOMETIMES low end servers (litereally a desktop running windows 2003 server)

    As soon as you pass consumer, you dont have to deal with that crap.... most people paying $1000+ dont leak their software. Duplicate it, a lot of the times, yes, but leak, rarely...

  4. b shubin

    Forecast not good

    based on MS software release performance to date, VMware-comparable MS virtualization will be delivered either:

    [a] on time, but so flawed and buggy (yes, missing features, and driver problems too) as to be completely unusable in a production environment, until SP1,


    [b] so late as to completely disrupt customers' deployment plans ("completely disrupt" meaning delays of 9 to 18 months).

    i'm sure there are EU-area bookies willing to give odds. any takers?

  5. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "we do migration: quick migration"

    Yep, especially between press releases, where you migrate your entire product down a notch or four. If MS's virtualization is anything like Vista, by the time the product hits the shops the only thing it will be able to do is virtualize MS-DOS sessions.

    But it will do it in 3D thanks to a nice AERO interface.

  6. amanfromMars Silver badge

    SAIS.... Special Artificial Intelligence Services .... Sigma Protocols

    "That tallied with Microsoft's attempt to justify pulling live migration in May, when it said it had decided to focus on virtualization that meets the demands of the "broad market."

    The "broad market" has no demands, for it knows nothing of Virtualisation and of the Absolute Control which it allows to those who know more than just a little about the Processing [Rooting and Routing] of Information which renders it as an Intelligence to Follow in a Virtualised Environment.

    But you can bet your bottom dollar that Microsoft know more than just a little. However, live migration does render an OS exposed and vulnerable to Proxy, Third Party Virtual Control, and to be perfectly honest about it, there is absolutely nothing that they can do about it, whenever the Proxy is adding improvements and extending Virtualisation Services, ....... other than to ensure that the Proxy is on their Payola, of course.

    The caveat "whenever the Proxy is adding improvements and extending Virtualisation Services" is important and should be etched into the memory of anyone who wants to be someone in Virtualisation, for those few words of Code will ensure that Progress is ensured ...and assured .... and supported.

    The Virtualisation Environment is not a Reality Space, it is a "detachment" in CyberSpace for the Planning and Application of Programs to Control the Reality Space........ and that is much more a Routing Exercise of Intelligence into the Planning and Application of Programs to Control the Reality Space, hence the recent mooting of the Microsoft, Cisco, EMC fusion ....

    But all they are really doing is copying the blueprint on a Windows XP Operating System which mysteriously crashed/crash landed on Saturday evening, 070707. ......... for all of the above sounds suspiciously like the Creation in CyberSpace of the Command and Control of Computers and Communications and that is a Protected, Prior Art Technology which can be purchased/rented with a License.

    That is the Easy Route, the High [Moral Ground] Road. Any other route is always very costly and damaging.

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