back to article MySpace succumbs to The Buttock

The Buttock has successfully sued MySpace for copyright infringement. Late last month, a French High Court ruled that the popular U.S.-based social networking site acts as a publisher as well as a hosting service, making it liable for unauthorized broadcasts of films from the French comedian known as "Lafesse." Yes, that's how …


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  1. Lloyd


    French comedy? Surely that's the trade unions running their country isn't it?

  2. joe


    it could be worse.. imagine if it was brit comedy!? it would be *dead* funny!

  3. Cyber Omega

    I didn't know the French...

    had comedians or even knew what comedy was. Well you live and learn dontcha? :D

  4. Morely Dotes

    Suggestion for Myspace

    Tell the French to come to the USA and try to enforce their silly judgment.

  5. Will Leamon

    What about Jerry

    Jerry Lewis has to prove the French have a sense of humor - moribund yes but it is there.

    Mr. Dotes I don't think the French make a habit of enforcing their laws in our country. Perhaps we should show them the same respect. They were our only buddies in the Revolution you know. Saving us from tea has to count for something.

    I kill my stoner hours on this site trying to defend the USA - we're not perfect but then again Coca Cola seems warmly received not to mention the ladies. But it's statements like this that make me want to move somewhere else. That or put a gun to my head.

    So please forgive my compatriot Mr. Dotes everyone and please don't try and force your silly judgments on us. Ours are quite silly enough.

  6. Dillon Pyron


    The French consider Jerry Lewis to be the epitome of comedy.

    nuf sed

  7. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Trade unions ?

    As opposed to the military-industrial unions running some others countries of note ?

    No, French comedy is not the trade unions, it's the politicians !

  8. umacf24

    La Fesse

    Might go better as "The Arse", or, for our tea-dodging Myspace-hosting cousins "The Fanny". But NB don't try using that second one in the UK.

  9. Tim Porter

    The French don't have a sense of humour?

    I can’t believe that I’m writing to an IT site about this, but to those say the French have no sense of humour, what about anything by Jacques Tati, La Cage aux Folles, Delicatessen, Diner de Cons, Les Visteurs, Le Cop, The Discreet Charm of the Bourgesie, the farces of Feydeau….

  10. Dam

    Re: suggestion for myspace

    "Tell the French to come to the USA and try to enforce their silly judgment."


    Funny how the US seem to think there's only one law in the world, theirs.

    Funny how the MPAA/RIAA/UScompanies will sue anyone in any country for anything, pressure hosting companies to take sites down, and then refuse to do so themselves.

    Funny how the US seem to think the DMCA extends to any country on the globe, but fail to return the favour.

    Hopefully, myspace'll get owned over that one, making cash (advertising) thanks to others' copyrighted material that they knowingly host.

    PS: Since the defendant is making cash over this, I guess suing in the USA would yield the same results anyways, so much for your comment then.

  11. Rose

    Oh how sweet: bigots

    The French consider Lafesse to be the epitome of comedy the way the British consider Mr Bean to be the epitome of comedy. I can only assume that those who think the French (or Germans, or any other culture) have no sense of humour are - as usual - those who know nothing about the country and even less about the language.

    The guy makes his living from sketches, and it's more than likely that what's up on the Net has been ripped from supposedly-DRMed DVDs. So it's an interesting case.

    Personally, I suspect that in the end the online video sites will find themselves in a similar pickle to the P2P sites a few years ago: sooner or later the illegally-distributed stuff is going to cause major problems.

  12. Matt MArtin

    I consider

    Mr Bean to be the pit of British comedy, does that count?

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Nice little set up, get someone to post your rubbish on google whatever and then sue them...easy money, or am I being cynical?

  14. Neil Anderson

    Tied in a Knot

    The Buttock appears to be a wee bit anal.

    Neil Anderson

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    French rock'n'roll

    is the real French comedy.

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