back to article Wanted: business model for free mobile network

Blyk; the virtual mobile operator launching later this year with free calls and messaging, has revealed that mobile classifieds will make up a significant part of their income. Mobile Entertainment reports comments from Jonathan MacDonald, sales director of Blyk: "There’s so much talk about mobile advertising, but it’s easy to …


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  1. Richard

    Tsunami of texts?

    Surely won't this lead to a constant barrage of text messages about in-bred staffy puppies and clapped out Escort's (the car, not street walkers) morning, noon, and night? Sure, free calls sound neat but how long before you leave it at home because it seems you are being stalked by thousands of people selling off their crap?

  2. Ritesh Tendulkar

    Re: Tsunami of texts?

    There is no such thing as free lunch. If you don’t pay anything for call charges, you shall pay by enduring the nuisance of a barrage of unwanted texts.

  3. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    There's another option

    Don't use a mobile phone (ducks under the desk).

  4. wim

    mobile ebay

    Maybe if they could make it into a sort of ebay thing that fits perfectly on the screen of a cellphone ?

    I mean how many bored students would be ebaying or doing something similar instead of paying attention ?

    I agree with Richard that getting a barrage of these text messages sounds not too useful to me.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Free internets?

    Woo, just dial up to t'internet and get downloading :-)

  6. Dale

    Carry two phones

    One on the Blyk network for sending free texts and making calls, with the incoming text alert set to silent, and another phone with a cheap PAYG SIM to receive texts from people you actually care about. Seems too much of a bother really.

  7. David Cantrell

    Number portability

    I predict "interesting times" when people try to port their numbers away from Blyk. Betcha that people will still get those annoying SMSes.

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