back to article US claims top spam spot

The US was top of the spam charts for the month of June, according to new e-mail security statistics from IE Internet. The US generated 37.4 per cent of all spam filtered by Irish security and e-mail monitoring firm IE Internet during the month of June, well clear of the chasing pack. China came in second with responsibility …


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  1. Morely Dotes

    This puts paid to the "Vista is secure" drivel

    Microsoft made huge claims about the security of Vista, and has likewise crowed about the "amazing" rollout rate of their latest attempt at making an operating system.

    Since the USA is the first place such high-priced fluffery rolls out, it follows that most of their Vista sales have been in the US. And, since most third-party security software doesn't work on Vista, the only security most Vista users have is whatever was built-in at Redmond.

    You can see the results: Massive new botnets in the USA.

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