back to article Google bags hosted security firm Postini for $625m

Google has announced a plan to acquire on-demand web security firm Postini for $625m cash. The deal, which is subject to regulatory approval, is expected to close by end of the third quarter 2007, after which Postini will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Google. Postini's services - which include email filtering, archiving …


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  1. JL

    More Google New....

    Date: 05/09/2010.

    Google has announced it will be acquiring Microsoft for an estimated $999 Billion.

    Sources from Google say that they will be using "pocket change" to purchases the software giant and dont mind paying over 5 times the value of the company.

    In un-related news, Larry Page is current 5 point clear in the race for US President. Good Luck Larry

  2. Roger Merchberger


    Yet another reason not to use gmail... and I thought the "when you delete your email... we don't" reason was enough!

  3. Cap

    Online Security

    The purchase by Google shows the importance of online security.

    The next big company to make it in the market is going to be Webargos. They do online serveillance to protect your companies data from getting out into the public. Check them out at

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  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Microsoft and Google Butt'ing heads

    Did Google pick the right horse? Is snaffelling up the one big US player enough for world domination. It didn't work for Microsoft...

    Postini might be top dog with US companies, but they're not an 800 lb global gorilla.

    Microsoft brought some market share in this space in 2006 with Frontbridge, but this report shows that globally Messagelabs are the ones to beat.

    Assuming Google wrap Postini into Google Apps for MyDomain that is really going to make their new business mail service very attractive. It will be interesting to watch this one develop.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Anyone know more details about the technology that Postine has developed their product base on? Curious how far it can be integrated with the rest of Google's systems or whether they will just appear to be another federated customer.

  7. Richard

    The Same Postini that... day blocked the recent DoJ hoax, and then allowed it through to our users the next?

    Hopefully Google can improve it's success rate.

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