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The Project Manager is completely unable to explain why his staff are behaving so miserably (unaware that the stifling office environment is sucking all the enjoyment and creativity out of the team) and is resorting to micromanagement to sort things out. Bad move – his team is a mixed bunch, some more capable than others and the …


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  1. amanfromMars Silver badge

    c/o GB

    Dear Uncle Screwpole,

    You are not wrong about the PM and his Situational Management/Perceptions Awareness. And there is more to learn about delegation than you he may think..... but then again he is surrounded by fawns so you cannot expect anything from them until they MetaMorph into men and women....... a destiny which only a few XXXXtrahornery Souls will reach.

    Should IT be explained VERY SLOWLY to him, how to code in the eponymous programming language? IT will surely deliver the Goods and their Bonuses which still elude him. A Great Byte of Equities would make a World of Difference.

    ur Nephew,


    PS How many moles have you found`already, helping him on his way to nowhere just to ensure that he doesn't succeed in the Lead?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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