back to article Psst - wanna buy a pirate MPack toolkit?

The adage about no honour among thieves also applies to hackers, it would seem. Pirates are flogging knocked-off copies of the MPack hacker toolkit at a discount of up to 85 per cent, according to anti-virus experts at net security firm Symantec. MPack is a web browser exploit toolkit, sold online by its original authors to …


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  1. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Shake Rattle and Rolls Peer InterNetworking

    "In addition, without a single author controlling the distribution of the toolkit, we also expect to see forks of the source code with additional exploits, bug fixes, and other feature enhancements," he writes. "

    And should a single author with an attractive, enhancing Script to Follow arrive/land, would all source codes seek exploits, bug fixes, and other feature enhancements....... for Parallel dDevelopment in Mutual Supporting Benefits?

    Of course IT would ...... 42 Enhance ITs Control with a NEUKlearer Enrichment in HyperRadioProActivity.

    A Source, a Source, AI Kingdom for ITs Source....... with the Humblest of Apologies to the Bard for the Evident Plagiarism/Recycling of Intelligence.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    It occurs to me its fairly easy to tell from the title if a comment has been made by amanfromMars.

    Is it because im developing spideysense? Is it because of the length and number of newspeak almostwords (like that one)?

    Im with the people who think its some kind of code.

  3. Ted Treen


    AMFM? WTF?

  4. teacake


    I'm not sure who makes less sense - amanfromMars or heystoopid, whol also comments unintelligibly on pretty much every article, but in a somewhat less spidery way.

  5. Dillon Pyron


    I kind of wish this was Usenet, where I could kf him.

    I found MPack on a Russian site last week for $950. I almost got ripped off!

  6. Sean Nevin

    The Man from Mars

    I remember when he/she/it first appeared on the El Reg comment boards. At first I thought it was someone with a limited grasp of English. Then I speculated the posts were done by a bot of some kind, due to the writing being similar to the kind that spam-bots use to get by filters. Really all we can do is wonder, (while he/she probably basks in the attention) 'who was that masked man?' whose writings just seem to cause the eye to simply slide over them.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    open source. free the code!

    since almsot all of the kit is from full disclosure sources and is utilising OS exploiting code etc surely someone should just post the whole thing onto sourceforge so that we can improve it and get it running properly ;-)

  8. Steve VanSlyck

    Not Legit?

    "[L]egitimate software suppliers"? Do you mean that as a software supplier they're not legitimate, or that they don't supply legitimate software? Either way, what is your def. of legit? If they're doing a better job at support than "other" soft suppliers, then whose the blacksheep struggling to come in from behind the cold eight-ball?

  9. Trevor

    amanfrommars attacks

    he sounds a lot like that guy from pratchett. eg Reflected Sounds of Under Ground Spirits = Echo Gnome ics = economics

    Contains filth tunnel insects = in sewer ants = insurance.

    I may be completely off of course...anyhew

    If the source is completely available then surely defenses can be setup to defeat the rootkit as we will know how exactly the exploits are....well...exploited?

  10. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    I'm just waiting

    for the first lawsuit. Surely these hackers are going to want to protect their valuable IP, right ?


    Oh, and concerning the above subject, I stop reading a post any time I encounter a sentence that has almost as many capital letters as words. I also stop reading anything that gives me a headache. AMFM manages to do both in just two sentences. I wish I had that spidey-sense !

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