back to article Police hunt renegade cow sex youth

North Yorkshire police are on a state of high alert after a youth was spotted coupling with an English longhorn cow at a specialist breeder's farm in Skipwith, The Sun reports. The lad was clocked at 4.30am, dressed only in black briefs, by a "shocked" passer-by who interruped proceedings by shouting at the nocturnal bovine …


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  1. Rob


    Can I be the first to congratulate the Reg for marking this as "Warning: No IT angle".

    Hopefully that will stop all the moaners from continuing their incessant complaints about these articles containing no IT news. If it's spelt out they can't whinge can they...

    Or can they?

  2. Louis


    That has got to be bootnote of the year. Brilliant.

  3. Colin Jackson


    Good tag, that'll shut the whiners who don't want to be kept abreast of the UK bestiality scene up.

  4. Luke Wells

    nice bootnote!

    haha I love the bootnote, I have noticed the large number of people posting in the comments sections these days complaining that they were tricked into reading an article with no IT angle :)

  5. Murray Landale

    vague IT angle

    Possible IT link in that it was a longhorn cow !!

  6. Dave Bareham

    Loved it..

    I wonder if the offender has tried this trick with the concrete cows in Milton Keynes (if they are still there)...

    May have taught him a lesson had he done so...

  7. Dom Scott


    Frankly, I'm just disappointed with the lack of cake in this article.

    I shall be cancelling my subscription forthwith.

  8. Ted Treen


    I hope the lad was using protection:- has any research been done into copping BSE from unprotected bovine nookie?

  9. Luke

    Fantastic Lester

    Yet again, another brilliant Lester moment - really made me laff this dull friday morning!

    Thanks Mr Haines!

  10. Vladimir Plouzhnikov

    Horny for longhorns...

    Why no IT connection? Who said that the perpetrator has not used his internet connection to download images of abuse of longhorns? A dawn raid on the village residents will surely help bring out the truth and justify the new law on posession of extreme porn images.

    I presume the cow will now be given free counselling...

  11. Lloyd

    But surely

    you just need to look for a very confused Welshman complaining about the size of the sheep in the vicinity?

  12. Russell

    A pune or play on words

    You've got to love the farmer's little joke... "milking it for all it's worth," bless him.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "..specialist breeder's farm.."

    You're not kidding!

  14. Ken Hagan Gold badge

    Re: vague IT angle

    Hmm. If she is now "late", can we expect the eventual delivery (probably still born) of a montrous offence against nature?

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Worth reading just for the ads

    It's stories like this that make me actually want to take notice of the ads that Google provides at the top.

    At the time of writing we have:

    Ad 1: Police Recruitment - surely more relevant if the story had been about pigs...

    Ad 2: Bull & Cow costumes - ranging from just $400 to $5000. A bargain!

    Ad 3: Bovine Serum... 'nuff said

    All three have to be good for jokes given the nature of the story!

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    DNA samples taken from the whole village for cow rape

    "We are treating this matter seriously."

    I bet if they had a DNA database, they'd have a CSI crime scene man there, to inspect the cow for samples, and a look at the DNA database to arrest the perp.

    Then to justify the excessiveness of it all, they'd be calling it 'cow rape' and talking up the feelings of the cow and suggesting 3 years in prison.

    Then the perps defence lawyer will suggest his client claim that he watched a lot of cow p0rn, and that twisted his mind. In effect the perp is the victim of that nasty internet, no it's not that he was drunk and fancied podging a cow to see what it felt like, no sir! He a victim!

    Then the politicians would shake their heads, and make it illegal to even talk about podging a cow on the internet. "How can anyone justify the freedom to talk about cow podging? That's not normal. I like normal sheep sex but cows? That's just unnatural!", says Labour MP Martin Salter.

  17. Graham Marsden

    No IT angle *YET*

    There could be an IT angle if the planned laws in the Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill 2007 are brought in...

    Had the "shocked passer-by who interruped proceedings by shouting at the nocturnal bovine botherer" used their mobile to take a picture for evidence, they would have been in possession of a picture of bestiality which could get them two years in jail and a mention on the Sex Offenders Register unless they could *prove* that they hadn't taken that picture for their own "sexual gratification"!

  18. DAN*tastik

    I'm only human

    She started it - I mean, in the middle of a field, wearing nothing, she was looking at me... A bovine Kate Hopkins

    Also, I firmly believe that saying no, in any circumstances, brings bad karma.

    BTW, before you ask, she's a good kisser. And so is Carlos the longhorn bull

  19. Arathorn Lore

    Re: Horny for longhorns

    "I presume the cow will now be given free counselling..."

    Surely that should be COWnselling !

  20. Gilbert Wham


    Sex with cows?Disgusting. Why can't he just shag sheep like a proper Yorkshireman?

  21. Maty


    A renegade, as I understand it, is someone who supports one side after having pledged allegiance to another. So you are assuming that the individual has not always been a committed bovisexual ... or do you know something about him that we don't? We have a right to know.

    PS Before someone else asks; 'Is this really moos?'

    (My coat, please, James)

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Recalling Tom Lehrer

    [From his short biography of Dr. Samuel Gall, inventor of the gall bladder]

    "His educational career began, interestingly enough, in agricultural school, where he majored in animal husbandry until they caught him at it one day..."

  23. Alan Donaly

    How do you know?

    He was there for cow sex we used to have prank when I was

    a youth we would strip a person who passed out at parties

    and drive him out to some remote location and place him

    under a bush. Loads of laughs needless to say few passed

    out without a locked door behind them.

  24. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    ‘Police hunt renegade cow sex youth’

    It was good to see that The Sun has hidden the face of the cow in their picture though perhaps they should also not given the name.

    Some years ago I was told that someone was charged here with "having carnal knowledge of a cow". Apparently he was taken a plate of grass for his breakfast in the cells. When he complained he was told that it was good enough for his girl-friend.


  25. Chris Collins

    Eat or bonk

    Is it a worse sin to end the poor beast's life and devour its flesh? Or show it some sweet lovin'? Surely if it wasn't enjoying it it would have run away. Slut.

  26. David Eddleman

    Re: Excellent

    Or those sods could do as I suggested: not read the odds and sods section, which typically has nothing to do with IT ever. But I still read it, because there's always something interesting in there.

    Oh well, I suppose whining takes precedence over common sense now.

  27. Steven

    I'm sorry..

    ..but how the fuck do you shag a cow?

    The guy must either of been 8 foot tall or brought a couple of milk crates to stand on!

    The perp can count himself lucky 2 tonne of very raw bovine meat didn't decide to sit on him, hell that would have to rank fairly high up the Darwin Award list!

  28. Badg3r


    Almost sprayed my tea all over the monitor when I read Chris's comment. Top work, keep it up Lester & commentators..

  29. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Time to update the law

    Typical acts and consequences here. Now that there is a law against donkey shagging, cows are taking the rap. So we need to update the law to include cow protection along with donkey protection.

    Now, given that the law protecting donkeys was approved in the late 1800s, suggesting that there were quite a lot of surprised donkeys before that, it seems that we'll have to wait until at least the late 2100s before extending the protection to cows.

    Then, one fine day (hopefully before the 5th millenium), sheep will finally be offered the precious protection or the law. On that day, bisons will have a lot to fear.

  30. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: *YET*

    UK hurtling towards police stae at something approaching light speed

  31. regadpellagru

    Felt something ?

    Well, apart from the laughing, I'm technically doubtfull at whether she felt anything at all ... Surely the article lacks some metrics here ...

  32. Rhys


    "Good tag, that'll shut the whiners who don't want to be kept abreast of the UK bestiality scene up."

    shouldn't that be ABEAST of the UK beastiality scene?

  33. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Well Done Steven!

    >The perp can count himself lucky 2 tonne of very raw bovine meat didn't

    >decide to sit on him, hell that would have to rank fairly high up the Darwin

    >Award list!

    Might have been even better if Carlos the Bull had decided it was time for his nightly soliticing of the cows on his patch. I doubt he would have noticed some weedy bloke standing in the way.

  34. Peter Fielden-Weston

    Look around you...

    and ask you self - Was it one of MY cow-orkers?

  35. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    IT angle

    Police seek youth in relation to Longhorn crack


  36. John A Blackley

    Re: I'm Sorry

    "..but how the fuck do you shag a cow?"

    Bravo Steven! The ONLY pertinent question one could ask about this story.

  37. Jan Buys

    Re: bootnote

    >> That has got to be bootnote of the year. Brilliant.

    Lester 4 prez

  38. Chris Seiter

    Old Saying, New Spin

    I don't think "Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free" was explained properly to this boy.

    Has anyone checked to see if he at least bought her a drink first?

  39. Mike Moyle

    Re: I'm sorry..

    "..but how the fuck do you shag a cow?

    "The guy must either of been 8 foot tall or brought a couple of milk crates to stand on!"

    Maybe his friends put him up to it...

    Right... Coat, please...!

  40. Luther Blissett

    Jolly serious business

    According to this bloke down the pub, this sort of activity carries a maximum tarriff life sentence in this septic isle - I should certainly hope the police are on a high state of alert. Nothing else would be appropriate. When I left he was humming "California Dreaming" followed by "Montana" (well, the Zappa air guitar bit anyway).

  41. Azrafael

    Ponder this.

    "By Ted Treen

    Posted Friday 6th July 2007 08:59 GMT

    I hope the lad was using protection:- has any research been done into copping BSE from unprotected bovine nookie?"


    You serious?

    Whether he was using or not I still find the thought of such acts disturbing and unethical. If he does contract it, I say good riddance.

  42. hi_robb

    I can just picture it

    The scene is night time in a field somwhere, the blackness is all enpowering.

    The moonlight slips through a break in the clouds revealing some numpty standing on a couple of milk crates wearing a pair of black boxers which are around his ankles. Infront of him attached to his humble pink makeshift cattle prod is a rather splendid longhorn cow looking rather bored.

    All is silent except for the rythmic sound of "slurp schurlp" and the unmistakable sound of skin on skin (make that skin on leather).

    cow: chew chew

    numpty: oh yeh oooh yeh, ya feel that bessie?

    cow: moooooo

    numpty: take it baby take it


  43. Carlo Cosolo


    Very moooooving

  44. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: I can just picture it


    Where's that spooon?!? I wanna gouge my mind's eye out!

  45. Clint Sharp

    Address for invoice please....

    >Police seek youth in relation to Longhorn crack

    Bastard, another new kb soaked in coffee


  46. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    It's been a while since I watched a Cowboy movie.

  47. alan lovedog

    has the evidence turned up yet?

    I'm too afraid to check beasttube......

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