back to article eBay goes after itself

eBay has challenged itself to a duel in the web classifieds market. Last week, the company that owns a 25 per cent share in Craigslist launched a Craigslist rival, unveiling a U.S. version of Kijiji, the classifieds site it's been running in various other parts of the world since early 2005. eBay purchased a 25 per cent stake …


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  1. Pepe Le Pue

    How can this be denied

    When you view the source of the site, it draws it's CSS files from ebay, are they now donating CSS files to others???

  2. Doug Bird


    I have laughed aloud for a strait 5 minutes thanks to this Pepe Le Pue comment, and the general idea what ebay is doing. I am in sad shape.

  3. Dave

    Stupid Name, better looking site

    I'd rather keep Craigslist, and update the CSS with a better font. This new name is...dumb.

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