back to article Dinner party guest makes gruesome discovery

A dinner party guest in Verviers, eastern Belgium, made a hasty exit from her host's house after discovering the bodies of his wife and son in the freezer. The "helpful" invitee had been washing the dishes and nipped down to the basement to stick the leftovers in the freezer, where she was confronted with the corpses of Chantal …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I blame the internet

    Quick, we should ban something, will do:

    By making it a crime, that will send a strong message to any youths who want to visit sites like abclocal and bad stuff won't happen again.

    Yours faithfully,

    Labour MP Martin Salter.

  2. Ian Ferguson

    Re: I blame the internet

    It's obvious really, we should ban video games with freezers in them. I think Half Life 2 had a kitchen scene with a freezer in the corner, let's demand it's banned until that scene is cut.

  3. Frank Bough

    Better Theory

    He was probably driven round the bend by the "ludicrously hyped" iPhone.

  4. Brian Miller

    Good Job Belgian Police

    A thick file was held showing the man to be incredibly violent.

    This begs the question why wasn't he in jail? The police are just as guilty of allowing this poor woman and child to die as the offender. Did they think it would stop? I doubt it. They wait until they are dead.


  5. Leo Rampen

    Dinner party?

    Surely having a dinner party in the same house as your dead wife and son would be...well...rather...stupid?

  6. Matthew

    Blame 'Desperate Housewives'...

    I saw someone on that keep a dead body in the freezer... Must be a copycat attack.

    Wonder if this guy had also included a UPS for the inevitable power-cut?

  7. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Can count herself lucky

    Looks like this particular person can thank her lucky stars that she made it outside alive. In any film, upon discovering the bodies, the girl would turn around suddenly and see the guy at the basement door, holding a long knife and a wicked smile (or sad frown).

    So life CAN actually be different from a Hollywood film !

  8. Dimitrov

    Video games

    I bet he was playing Counter Strike, or some other work of the communist liberal devils that call themselves gamers.

    Yep, what else could it be?... [/irony]

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not to encourage this...

    But don't most freezers have locks?

  10. amanfromMars Silver badge

    We are what we become with what we are shown ...We are all just Learners in Teaching?

    The wrong sort of knowledge beamed into your brain is a Liability for Media to Remedy with Revisionary Content?

    Sounds like a Desperate Housewives' Winner if you like a Red Light 42 Shine on your Information....... which Technology can now beam to you Personally in ITs Special Operations in XXXXStreaming Exceptional Circumstances.

  11. Nick Ryan Silver badge

    So life CAN actually be different from a Hollywood film!

    Shhhh..... don't tell the "security experts" who are securing* our airports - they may just get a clue from somewhere.

    * i.e., ensuring that nobody that wants to travel will be able to travel.

    Damn, I've just drunk another 105ml of potential liquid explosive. Time to call the ambulance.

  12. Scott Coe

    I Blame George W Bush

    He is at the root of all evil these days. Didier was so obviously unhappy at the way things are turning out in Iraq.

  13. Matt Bucknall

    RE: Not to encourage this...

    Anon: But don't most freezers have locks?

    Err.. No!

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Umm... Is it just me?

    ...or is this story more tragic than funny?

    I'm sorry, I should have known better than to read the comments page of this one. My bad.

  15. Steve

    Tubby Tucker ?

    "But don't most freezers have locks?"

    Erm, no!

    At least not in Blighty where we can be safely trusted to have unsupervised access to large amounts of frozen food without porking the lot.

  16. Charles Calthrop

    The police are not as guilty as the murderer

    "The police are just as guilty of allowing this poor woman and child to die as the offender."

    Nonsense. If you take that approach, the victim was as guilty as the murderer, for "allowing" herself to get murdered, and people who get raped are as guilty as rapists for wearing short skirts.

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I'd be more worried ...

    about what I'd just eaten for dinner! Think I'll pass on the sausages ...

  18. Ralph B



    > "But don't most freezers have locks?"


    > Erm, no!


    > At least not in Blighty where we can be safely trusted to have unsupervised

    > access to large amounts of frozen food without porking the lot.

    Are you sure about that?,,1892098,00.html

  19. Andy Bright

    Erm.. she stay for dinner why exactly?

    Can anyone explain why you even think about accepting a dinner invitation from someone you know to be a violent drunk, indeed someone you have personally reported to the police for beating his wife?

    So what, to make up for reporting him to the police she does the washing up? Presumably hoping to not only get some free food from a wife-beater, but to avoid a beating herself by cleaning up afterwards..

    And after arriving, finding that she was (sort of) alone in the house with this guy, she still stays to have dinner with him? She couldn't think of any excuse for getting the hell out of there as soon as she realised his wife and kid wouldn't be joining them? Yes I know she found out they were dead later, but wouldn't having dinner alone with a psycho be enough of a reason to want to leave?.

    The more I think about this, the more I wonder if she had a death wish. I don't even want to think about the possibility she was considering getting romantically involved with a supposed recent divorcee with a track record of violently beating his spouse.

    The guy's actions in inviting someone that shopped him to the police are more easily explained. Except that he apparently didn't get time to off her too, as she made her escape after finding next week's dinner party in the freezer.

    I hate to say this, but if anyone deserved a good slap round the head for being a muppet, it's someone that stays for a candle lit dinner with a violent psychopath - and then does the washing up afterwards.

  20. Proton Wrangler

    Erm, wrong

    The dinner guest was not the same person as the neighbor. If you're going to write a long rant you might check the facts in the story? Or maybe not.

  21. Sergei Andropov

    Re: Erm.. she stay for dinner why exactly?

    The article said it was a "dinner party", which suggests more than one guest. It may well have been something the wife had arranged shortly before she was killed.

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What is a 'party'?

    The guest, I suppose, was unaware of the man's marital status. This might have been something more like a date than a party.

    I wonder at the man's putting bodies in the freezer, and then inviting company. It's not such a good idea. You never know when a guest is going to have a peek in the freezer, and there are some squeamish sorts who find bodies objectionable. I think perhaps that the man was mentally ill, and that his illness had finally gotten out of bounds, leading him to do these bizarre and self-defeating things.

  23. alan lovedog

    this steak tastes like child!

    i've been to some bad dinner parties in my time but this takes the (wife flavoured) biscuit.

  24. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    the partygoer

    she gave him the cold shoulder after that

  25. Matt

    hiding the body

    "His plan to hide the disappearance of his wife and stepson had just fallen apart."

    Obviously this was when he found out his invited guest was a vegetarian and couldn't serve the mixed grill(ed wife and child)

  26. Kevin Ault

    family dinner

    I heard he told his visitor he was "having the family for dinner"

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