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Manufacturer Power Positioning - aka 2P - describes the G4 Slim-Mouse as "the thinnest laptop mouse ever invented". That's not entirely true - Newton Peripherals' MoGo Bluetooth-connected rodent is just as thin as the Slim-Mouse and has been around for a little longer. P2 Slim-Mouse The Slim-Mouse also suffers in …


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  1. Léon

    They do have a point though

    A wireless mouse will require batteries. If you're on the road, there's nothing more troublesome than having a nice wireless mouse that you can't use because you ran out of batteries.

    I checked out their website and i'm not so sure that the 'wire monster' (aka: a conventional mouse) is a reason why i would want to buy their slim-mouse though. I found that if you roll up the cable nicely enough, you won't find the monster :) So it's basically for people who don't like to wind up the cord? Well then, those people will be in for a surprise to learn that they still have to do that. Albeit a bit more delicately than with a conventional mouse.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Nice idea but....

    Would it not of been nicer to use wireless with an internal battery that was recharged from the PCMCIA socket? comfy is the mouse to use?


  3. Nexox Enigma


    I've noticed problems with woodgrain in loads of optical mice. I don't know about your wood (desk that is,) as some grain patterns seem to be worse than others, but virtually all of the first 2 generations of optical mice were rather useless on wood.

    On another note, I saw some research a couple years ago where people actually managed to get a mentally controlled cursor working, though I haven't the foggiest how. Seems like that could be rather portable... I think the interface was simply a clip on the user's finger.

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