back to article German courts demand no more Gmail squabbling

German courts have banned Google from further attempts to wrestle the rights to the "Gmail" trademark away from a businessman who registered the name several years before it launched a webmail service. In the latest decision - the fourth against Google in Germany over the trademark - a regional court rejected the search giant's …


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  1. Rich Silver badge

    What the?.....

    In a statement, Google told The Reg: "While we regret the German court's decision, it will in no way affect our ability to continue to provide web email to our users in Germany. Our German users will continue to use 'Google Mail' and enjoy the same experience as users of Gmail worldwide."

    So, what the F**** are google making all this fuss for then if the decision doesn't actually make a blind bit of difference???


  2. Dillon Pyron

    Loser pays?

    Is Germany a "loser pays" country? Three years of litigation can kill most small businesses or individuals. But for Google, that's probably a day's ad revenue.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: What the?.....

    I suppose that Google are trying to ensure that plebs like us can't refer to their email service as "gigglemail".

  4. heystoopid

    Double standards

    Double standards , what no formal apology , offer to pay both compensation and all legal costs!

    This is a company that caved into the totalitarian mainland Communist China's formal requests , took a swipe at the very Democratic Sweden's new upcoming Cyber Space over watch laws for being over bearing and draconian and inferring them to be illegal !

    Me , I would not be unsurprised , if they will take him to registrar abuse the due process like a certain company with the Beatles Logo did previously in the UK , to get him to be illegally declared as a cyber squatter , thus thumb their noses in the face of the German Court's decision!

    What price indeed , will the unfortunate owner pay in the future?

  5. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    You wouldn't be unsurprised

    So that means you're totally surprised then, right ?

    Ah, the beauty of the double negative.

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