back to article Electric Cloud creating a Build storm

Electric Cloud supplies software to speed up the Build process that's such an important part of modern "agile" software delivery. It uses a sophisticated approach to running the components of a Build in parallel. And now the company is in Europe. Photo of Andrew Patterson, European business director at Electric Cloud. As …


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  1. amanfromMars Silver badge

    MuI7..... Global Communications HQ [ One 42 Bookmark]

    Dear Mike Maciag,

    But the patent system holds up further Processing in Application of and in the Creation Methodology/Invention/Imagining Process.

    Is ElectricCommander for XXXXCentric ARGonauts, .... A Cloak/Electric Cloud in front of which to Perform in Loves Pure Form.

    A Flight of Immaculate Fancy... Venus at the Helm.

    Seventh Heaven, meThinks, and the Sweetest of HoneyTraps Virtualised.


    The Patents [wwwallahs] will take Care of themselves, will they not, as further patents are prepared to keep them busy.

    Parse that with Third Party Positive Reinforcement Theory and you will have to contend with Filthy Rich, ......... A Gift to Spend Freely with the Poor for the Enrichment Realised.

This topic is closed for new posts.