back to article Yahoo! Unveils! New! Banner! Ad! Engine!

Score one for Yahoo! in the ongoing battle for online ad dollars. Yesterday, the beleaguered company unveiled a new banner ad platform that allows marketers to target web users according to their online behavior, a talent typically reserved for text-based ad engines. The new platform, known as SmartAds, could give Yahoo! at …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Lawyers ahoy


    Wasn't that the name of the service developed by Gizmondo?

  2. Brett Brennan

    There's good news and bad news...

    The good news: the banners will become more useful, especially in the context of "major" brands that keep trying to touch you with product. Not necessarily bad: I shop at Wal*Mart, Sears, Target, etc. and you never can tell when they might offer something interesting.

    The bad news: if you've been using your "pornograph" to look for free pix of Paris or Pam, your banner ads are going to be pumped full of juciy sites with a lot of HOT and XXX words in them. Might be useful for finding the local amateur night at the local strip joint, but likely more of a cause for spousal abuse (of you!) or your boss raising an eyebrow when looking over your shoulder at a presentation...

    Best stick to asking taxi drivers and the in-room movies rather than doing a e-search...

  3. sauerkraut

    what about the web surfer

    with improved advertising on the web always presenting me stuff i'm interested in they try to pull the last deutsche mark out of my empty pockets...

    oh änd sohry for mah lausy englisch - me is a kraut

  4. adnim

    "knows what you want"

    Now that is Cool....

    An ad service that understands my needs and desires. I guess I can remove all my pop up blockers, change my hosts file and remove the AdBlock ext. from Firefox. I am not going to see another single advertisement ever again!

    At least I wont if the SmartAds are smart enough to realise what I truly want.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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