back to article Palm OS II launch date delayed again

Palm CEO Ed Colligan has told Brighthand it won't have devices based on its own version of Palm OS until some time in 2008, despite saying two months ago the devices would be available later this year. Palm has been building its own version of the Palm OS - Palm OS II - since December when it paid $44m for the source code of …


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  1. Chris Peterson

    Is anyone awake at the wheel at Palm??

    I love my Treo, even if Palm OS' internals are more dated than Mac OS 9.

    Palm was on top of the PDA world and then they stopped trying. Now the company seems to waste all its time and money selling, buying back, and reselling the stale Palm OS while doling out insubstantial Treo upgrades. Why did Palm buy BeOS, buy a Chinese Linux OS company, develop the stillborn Palm OS "Cobalt"? And throw all that technology away so they could sell Windows Mobile-based Treos?

  2. Paul Anderson

    A Sad Farewell

    Too much reshuffling, selling off, building and binning, and so on. Not enough concentrating on what used to be a great product. I was still buying Palms when they were on top of their game. Now they can't even keep up with MS and WM5 (which, let's face it, is far from perfect).

    Bill's right. RIP Palm OS.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    All over the place

    Have to agree with the above comments, Palm seem to be all over the place and don't appear to have any kind of coherent strategy.

    Their latest wheeze is to make a dumb laptop which connects to the internet through a PDA or smartphone. The problem is it costs as much as a normal laptop, and is the same size too. Why not just buy a normal laptop?

  4. Nexox Enigma

    Palm better get their asses in gear

    The world needs a /good/ mobile OS, and of the contenders that I've seen, sadly, Palm seems to be the most likely to come up with something useful. But probably not within my lifetime. If they'd just have stuck to one plan and gone with it, they would have product by now.

    And that laptop thing was quite a bit smaller than a normal laptop, and far cheaper than an ultra portable laptop (I'm pricing one of those at $2200, the Palm thing was supposed to be $500 I think.) That said, I still don't know why anyone really needs one...

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