back to article Kylie confirmed for Who Xmas special

The BBC has confirmed that Oz popstress Kylie Minogue will appear in an hour-long Xmas Doctor Who special, enticingly entitled Voyage of the Damned. Producer and writer Russell T Davies said he was "delighted and excited" to have Minogue on board, adding: "Doctor Who Xmas specials are always a joy and we feel very confident …


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  1. Paul Sidnell

    Predicted long ago

  2. Les

    Now that's disturbing

    All these years I've managed to avoid Kylie, now I'm going to have to endure her presence.


    You fiend, RTD!! You fiend!!!!

  3. Ryan Skevington


    If Russel T. Davies has written it, I'm seriously considering not watching after Saturdays Season Finale.

    The man is USELESS. He should go away and let that Steven Moffat guy take over as, in my opinion, he has written the best episodes for the new series'

    I'm sick of the constant 21st century London stories. It's Dr. Who! you could write about ANYTHING yet he practically stays in the same place.

    Surely they have more of a budget now than they did the first time round? They managed to do an alright job of going anywhere/anytime.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Stephen Moffat

    He is brilliant - he has written all the best episodes, you are right. Girl In The Fireplace, Blink, and the Empty Child / Doctor Dances double ep from the first series.

    Although I don't think RTD is that bad - I quite enjoyed the finale.

  5. Smallbrainfield

    Ha ha ha ha!

    Kylie, eh? Russell T Davies must think he's in gay heaven.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: Sigh

    So you missed the Shakespeare episode, the one at the end of time, the New York episodes and the return to New New York?

    It's not an uncommon Dr Who 'fault', staying in a contemporary setting - pretty much the entire Pertwee era was 20th Century Earth, using the "exiled for crimes" excuse. Yes, the Steven Moffat episodes were superb (witness the current Jekyll remake, equally good), but the RTD eps are well up to scratch - even sub-standard RTD whups the ass of most of what passes for drama on TV these days!!

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Last you reported, Doctor Who was cancelled

    Ok, so you can't report on this, without first following up from this article:

    And telling us there really will be a 4th season. Oh you did provide a link to here:

    Which gives me a 404 error.

    So am I to understand I need to email everyone I contacted quoting your original article stating Doctor Who was cancelled, and now say that it was not?

  8. Guy

    Here Come The Drums

    Maybe I've been out of the UK too long, but this finale 3 parter was my first introduction to 'Rogue Traders' The group who provided the music when The Master released his paradox.

    To keep it computer related, what did we ever do without the internet? I went from seeing the finale, loving the song, to google which takes you to Yahoo answers where someone else had asked what the song was, to youtube to watch the music video, whilst I was off in online music land, purchasing the song, so I could listen to it in the car on the way to work.

    I mean, that's fantastic, really.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    'Last you reported, Doctor Who was cancelled'

    look at the post date of the article, 31st of may, the very day BEFORE a certain 1st of April. Coincidence?

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