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Doctor Who will gain a new companion for the next 13-episode series of the cult show, the BBC reports. Freema Agyeman, whose Martha Jones replaced Billy Piper's Rose Tyler as Who's sidekick, is off to shoot three episodes of Torchwood, and will accordingly miss the first half of series four. However, she will return for the …


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  1. Alien8n

    more lesbians

    So does this mean they'll have to rewrite her love interest as she has lesbian sex with all the female torchwood members?

    As much as I'm for a more adult variation on the Dr Who franchise (some of the first series of torchwood was excellent) I do feel that they should leave the sex out of it. I'm not interested in who has sex with who (or what for that matter). I'm more interested in how they fight the next alien invasion.

    For that matter one of the best episodes was the "harvest" episode which went a long way to showing that no matter how evil and despicable the monsters can be, they're still no match for good old human evilness.

  2. Alastair Dodd

    can the next side kick be platonic

    why do all modern companions want to get in the doc's pants?

  3. Martin Owens


    Did anyone have a drum beat stuck in their head from qbase on Saturday?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: Drums

    "Did anyone have a drum beat stuck in their head from qbase on Saturday?"

    No - try wearing your tin-foil hat and the sound will go away.

    And never mind the lesbians, could Capt. Jack turn down the macho dial?

  5. James Summerson

    New Companion

    Abslom Daak, anyone?

  6. Stuart Clarke

    The Rani

    The womans hand which took the Masters ring from the fire in the last episode I think is the Rani. I think the Rani will somehow end up as the Doctors assistant for a some episodes but the Doctor will not know. I also dont understand why all the modern assistants are in love with the Doctor. Bring back K9!

  7. This post has been deleted by its author

  8. Chad H.

    Hopefully someone else can write the finale...

    Because RTD has now used the same Cliffhanger 3 times.... At the big reveal, the Doctors hot assistant gets seperated, and vows to come back and save the day.

    Guess this kills those Sun-Rumours about no Doc at all next year...

  9. Lloyd


    Couldn't they just send Russell T Davies packing? That last episode on Saturday was diabolical (apart from the face of Bo). Davies seems to write 2/3 parters that press all the right buttons and then to absolute drivel with the ending neither being good or making sense (time cannot unmake itself and if it did no one would remember).

    Also stop ripping off other films:

    Catching a flying sphere thingy = Back to the future, Emmett Brown plugging the lightning thing in.

    Disposing of the Masters body = Blatantly stolen from Darth Vaders funeral in ROTJ.

    As for that awful ring ending, ripping off Flash Gordon means that you're really stumped for ideas and need to give up writing for good.

  10. Gav

    It has to be..

    Sally Sparrow. She was the best thing in the last series.

  11. Charles Daniels

    K9 Romance

    Stuart Clarke wrote:

    >I also dont understand why all the modern assistants are in love with the >Doctor. Bring back K9!

    Oh come on! Don't live in denial. K9 was always calling the Doctor "master" and Romana "mistress", there was some scary stuff happening in that TARDIS I tells ya!

  12. Dillon Pyron

    US viewers

    Why am I reading this? Dr Who season 3 starts on SciFi this Friday. Talk about spoilers!!!!

    Stupid me.

  13. Kev


    "why do all modern companions want to get in the doc's pants?"

    Because he's David Tennant. The same reason my girlfriend wants to get into the doc's pants. It wasn't likely to happen so often to John Pertwee or Sylvester McCoy, let's be honest.

    They should hand over the whole shebang to Steven Moffat. This series had two stand-out episodes, one of course being Moffat's, the other an adaptation (Human Nature) that gave Davies only the most slender of opportunities to fill it with nonsense (but being the consummate professional he was apparently undeterred, and stuffed every empty second with throwaway romantic tripe).

    The rest of the run was as uninspired as it was badly performed. And the climax fell flat on its arse because they haven't noticed that Tennant has been carrying the show single-handedly, and decided it would be clever to replace him with a futuristic Gollum graphic.

    Stupid arses.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I heard that Kylie Minogue was going to be in the xmas special - probably a load of rubbish though.

    Wonder who the new assistant will be...

  15. Scott Earle

    New sidekick?

    It will be Servalan! No, wait a minute ...

    Me, get, coat.

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Other shows

    Apologies to the youngsters, Did anyone else have a Captain Scarlet flashback with the flying command centre?

  17. b166er

    what would freud say


    Servalan in latex with a whip.

    Orac could ride piggy-back on K9, that should spice things up a bit

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Bring. Back. D...


    Ok maybe not, he was quite silly.

  19. SImon Hobson Silver badge

    This is supposed to be news ?

    It was SOOO obvious at the end of the last episode that the Doc would be having to find a new companion, how on earth can it be news to anyone (apart from those that don't watch and don't care) ?

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    RE: Other Shows

    "Apologies to the youngsters, Did anyone else have a Captain Scarlet flashback with the flying command centre?"

    No flashbacks, that really was Spectrum's cloudbase in the alternate now.

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Humans are boring

    His new companion should be Eccentrica Galumbitz

  22. tom

    In suspense, not.

    Does it matter who they get? I'm so tired of the soap opera relationships between the doctor and his not-girlfriend (and family and friends and pets and coworkers). Who cares?

    "I realize that thousands of lives and the future and past of the universe and all possible alternate universes depend on our actions, but what about my feelings?"

  23. 4.1.3_U1


    It's true about Kylie for Xmas:

    'Minogue, 39, will play a "major lead role"'

    I take this to mean she won't be the official sidekick. Hope she sings and dances a bit, though.

  24. Peter Labrow

    Re: The Rani

    Not the Rani - the hand was Lucy Saxon's (note the red nail polish, she wasn't dressed in red in the previous scenes by accident) - which means that although it looked like she killed the Master as revenge for beating up on her, that was a MacGuffin, she was acting under instructions and knew to go get the ring afterwards. Guess how he comes back?!

  25. Andrew Moore

    Another vote for...

    Sally Sparrow as the new companion. And RTD to hand over the show to Stephen Moffat.

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