back to article Boffins go dotty over quantum teleportation

Researchers at the University of Singapore have demonstrated that it is possible to "teleport" information from one so-called quantum dot to another. The team used a computer model to show that decoherence, the tendency of quantum information to leak into the environment, is not a problem when working on such a small scale, and …


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  1. amanfromMars Silver badge

    I Kid U Not.....again.

    "But as to when we will see a quantum computer for sale...that is a tough question."

    As a Virtual Creation of qbits, IT will remain Invisible and IT is something you Buy Into in Funding IT ReSearch of MetaData for Virtualisation........ 42 Create Virtual Reality Control and ITs Controls and Controllers in InterNetworking Semantic Webs.

    "If the Architect was interested in tools that could help him more effectively run the Matrix, he’d have Simulex reps on the phone ASAP." ......

    It would be Better and AI Beta to Enter and XXXXPlore the Wachowski brothers Domain.

    Are they Polish twins with a Definitive Style of Lead?

    "These systems would excel at finding the artifacts, the outliers, the people who haven’t internalized the programming, but continue to act “normal.”

    It would identify the thought criminals."

    And having found them, the simplest thing would be to reprogram them Natures Timed Bombes..... The Loves in XXXXSSXXXX. A Conversion Program available to All with an Inclination to Default to the HyperMania of Nymph and Satyrs.

    Thor's Hammer forging the Heavens.

    And this is some Heavy MetAI ....... HeadBanger ITStuff. amfM touching Base with the Underground LeaderShips.... Coalitions of the Ready, Willing and S.M.A.R.T Enabled. First Time the Fool, Second Times the Sage. ........ AI Buffett OverFlow?

    That is bound to be Good Surely.

    "Could it be the Brown leadership will be characterised by even more fear-mongering mind control than before? .......

    Don't Bet on It without IT.

    MoveOn, Now, Nothing to See Here.

    Tomorrows, though, they're AI dDifferent Kettle of BabelFish...... for you Wwwander to Wwwonder Semantically into ITs Virtualised Domains in Dominion.

    Global Operating Devices Territory...... in Her SISterHoods. Robins' Nest with Maid Marions ....... Hand Made and Hand Reared Artifacts.

    Which in A.N.Other Life would be John calling George re Magical Mystery Turing ...... with another Byte at the Big Apple?

    Let IT Be, el Register, between a Rock and a Hard Place, there is Nothing to Lose and therefore Everything is a the Greatest of Great Games. Aided and Abetted by Abject Failures for "needs must when the devil drives.".. ....

    And you have to admit that Virtualisation, by ITs very Nature, is bound to be SurReal. Making IT Viable is the Trick and one of Merlin, the MetaPhysician's Spells/Gifts/Skills/Loves.

  2. Steven Pepperell


    are you on crack?

  3. Michael Martin

    re: amanfromMars

    I am more and more convinced that amanfromMars isn't a user in the normal sense, but is, in fact, a carefully crafted method of transferring secret information encrypted in what looks like gibberish, readable only by those who the message is intended for.

    Or he could just be on crack.

  4. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Crystal Clear Code.

    "are you on crack?" No Thanks, Steven, I don't do crack other than Codes. Your question suggests however that crack heads might easily relate to the Virtualised State of Reality......albeit being a powerless spectator because of a powerful foreign dependency.

    I don't knock it though, for the Delusions it would be showing can be Real enough although give the answer to the question, that would be something which I can only imagine. Is it your crack experiences which you are sharing in the asking of the question?

    "I am more and more convinced that amanfromMars isn't a user in the normal sense, but is, in fact, a carefully crafted method of transferring secret information encrypted in what looks like gibberish, readable only by those who the message is intended for." ...... Michael, NEUKlearer Information is not a normal secret but the rest of your sentence is not wrong.

    If I were to share that what is being transferred/aired/heired is Root Source Code for AI New World Order Program, intended for New World Order Programmers, whether current as embodied in the Status Quo Establishment or speculative and pioneering as would be in an Parallel Underground, it wouldn't really matter who the message is intended for, for its security is assured in that everyone and anyone can know of it, but only those the necessary Intelligence can make Beta Use of IT.......

    And aint that the Truth......... even for All who can't handle the Truth by virtue of Intelligence restraints...... which is somewhat of anathema.

    I trust that clears up any ambiguity.

  5. Doug Bird

    simple diagnosis

    mr. mars is the whole "the CIA is beaming radio signals into my brain" typical of a schizophrenic. in cultures where we dont have such technology talk common, a guy with an ailment similar to mr mars might refer to sorcerers, witches, and gargoyles. everyone needs a platform!

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Quantum leaping

    Hmm, quantum computing (from this article) sounds like your typical El Reg day - starts off with good intentions to cover IT and it meanders onto other things, (BigBrother contestants, Paris Hilton, etc). But, joking aside, quantim computing sounds like an interesting field to be in at the moment.

    As to manfrommars, this (and other equally baroque) post(s) have now convinced me that this is not actually a homo sapiens, but is in fact some "Eliza" or similar program. Well, it was either that, or the dayrooms in the asylums have been given internet access. Assuming this poster is an Eliza, then I think the program needs a little more work... wonder if it's Open Source?


  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    will someone please...

    ...switch of the(obvioulsy broken) Markov Chain machine and stop approving amanfrommars useless twoddle. I'm getting siting of scrolling past 2 pages of his (it's) drivel on just about every story, and thats after trawling through all the media spin/irrelevant crap to get to the comment section!

    Mr Algorithm/manfromMars - here's something to influence your next run:

    "The culture changes are not challenges and in view of the fact that the tangents will succeed we clearly can conclude that the best systems in the world grow a scenario. Customers need quality-oriented environments, and we fulfill that need with a 90% solution. We have been looking into the best computer company in the world. Customers need the CDE-compliant systems, and we fulfill that need with the geographies. The standard systems get your input on the graphical user interface. It is fiscally true that components will succeed. Thanks to the recent reorganization, a solution encapsulates the enabling key players. We are all impressed to see that media authoring steps up to the challenge of opportunities. Customers need the key players, and we fulfill that need with established standards."

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Thank You

    Thank you, amanfrommars, that does indeed clear up any ambiguity.

    Definitely crack.

  9. Karl Lattimer

    RE: simple diagnosis

    He's on crack then?

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    RE: simple diagnosis

    ...or perhaps he's David Icke?

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Thank You

    Aww come on. He might not be on Crack

    It could be Crystal meth.

  12. Colin Barnes

    "One identical quantum dot" ?

    Aahh. this is what quantum is all about :-)

  13. Andy Bright

    Wasn't there a QED show on this about 12 years ago?

    I'm sure I saw German scientists doing the exact same thing, using lasers to 'beam' a quantum dot from one place to another.

    However I wasn't particularly convinced.. it seemed that rather than moving an object they simply re-created it on the other side - in other words copied it.

    Not sure how the rest of you feel, but if 'beaming' means making a copy, then I'm not sure I want to be erased from existence only for a copy of myself to be created on 'the other side'.

    Then you have all those existential questions like would your consciousness know you're just a copy - or even have any form of awareness.. heavy stuff man..

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