back to article Rival malware gangs wage turf war

Security researchers have uncovered evidence of a turf war between rival criminal enterprises connected to two of the most sophisticated malware toolkits in current use. Like competing gangs in the Mafia - for those who followed the HBO series The Sopranos, think the New York-based Lupertazzi crime family and its sometimes …


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  1. Brett Brennan

    Cyberwar observers out there?

    Hopefully there are some sleepless nights going on at the DoD and MoD watching this "battle". This could be one of the first wide-spread examples of cyberwarfare - and, as "meat" armies always do, observers should be out there watching the strategy and tactics for incorporation into their own offence/defence plans.

    Just as the retail folks learned a lot about secure transactions from the porn sites in their infancy, our military folks should be taking lessons from the cyber Mafia on this. After all, the "meat" Mafia kept the Germans out of American ports during The War - WWII - and the cybercrooks are certainly the leading lights in this battle front.

    Besides, who knows: there might be a chance to "interview" some Al Quida "generals" visiting the same war sites...

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    JAFOs or Actors?

    ... mayhaps there aren't any observers, as one side receives servers from the CIA while the other side takes routers from the KGB ... you may be witnessing the birth of iQaeda ...

  3. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Hmm, botnets, P2P and trojans

    Seems that the criminal world is way ahead of anything at this point. Want to bet that Homeland Security doesn't have a clue what's going on ? I wonder what color they have for cyber threats ? Fuschia ?

  4. Dillon Pyron

    DHS have not a clue

    Are you kidding? DHS and computers. Bombs, guns, airplanes, yes. Computers? No. They are starting to get the idea that "critical infrastructure" might be in danger, but they have no idea how to protect it. You can bet the "turf war" will be a topic of discussion at Blackhat and DEFCON and that DHS will be there. But will they learn anything? Probably. Will it be much? It depends on how far Vana Vinyl goes.

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