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Sometimes, when the right people are together, the most mundane conversation can lead to interesting and unexpected observations. In this case, an argument with a Second Life friend about a dress evolved into a decent discussion of online RP environments like SL, and just how much theatre one brings to the game, and how much of …


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  1. Don Mitchell

    When will it stop?

    These guys must be spending a big chunk of their venture capital on public relations. When will they just run out of money?

  2. James Cleveland

    SL Is ridiculous

    It has a poorly optimized client, and is barely even a game. When will people realise that its just a fad and move on. The real way the social world is developing is through IMs and social networking sites and youtube, some silly MMO-without-a-point thing is a worthless waste of space. Stop writing about it, do we see an article about World of Warcraft, Eve Online, or sodding Runescape every week?

    No. Get lost. Find a real hobby.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Who reads this junk?

    ah yes...more trash and sewer waste for our reading pleasure.'d get more from playing WoW than you would SL.....

  4. Rich Bryant


    "SL Destiny 2.0 is a domme..."

    Who gives a shit? Why are you indulging the Suckat Life crowd with this relentless drivel? Of course, i suspect that there's probably some form of deep irony involved that's too opaque for us mere mortals - i dunno, maybe Destiny Welles looks more like Orson Welles when not flouncing around in Sadville - but whatever it is, you'r e beginning to read like Prokofy Neva's blog. And i think that's the worst insult i could ever pay to any "professionally" written article.

    Stop this crap. Go play WoW. Or EVE. Or anything. Just not this endless multiverse bullshit.

  5. N1AK

    Get over it

    James: Stop reading about it... It says Second Life in the title, if you don't care about it exercise a little self control.

    I don't play SL, WoW or any other MMO in fact apart from a Halo 2 multiplayer binge every couple of weeks I don't game online. However I'm still interested in this area.

    People have been roleplaying for decades (probably centuries), with the internet came text based MUDs and then MMOs. With projects like Sony's 'home' and others planned it is interesting to see where this will take them, and also how people behave in them (especially as virtual interaction is going to become more common as time passes).

  6. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Hey, don't knock it

    I think this is a very interesting documentary on schizophrenia and how to induce it. Or maybe this is just an enormous social engineering tool made by sadists to create legions of masochists ? I wonder if psychiatrists will end up with a name for it : SLezia, perhaps ?

    Of course, there will be endless discussion about whether or not the individual was sane before submitting to the process, and how that influences the outcome and the speed at which the victim submits.

    Kind of like vampirism - the speed at which you become a vampire is supposed to depend on the strength of the one that bit you and the strength of your own predisposition towards Good.

    But, once bitten, you shall fall under the shade. SL is like that. Once you start, you will end up in leather, being whipped by a donkey. Your downfall is inevitable.

    The only solution is not to start.

  7. Dan Salter

    Have you ever considered....

    .... turning off the PC & stepping out your (real) front door once in a while?

    I really think maybe you are taking what is by your own admission a 'game' way too seriously.

    Dan Salter

  8. Robert Sandstedt

    Just because it's not your cup of tea...

    ... doesn't mean it's trash.

    I mean, seriously, don't you people have anything better to do than whinge about a feature that you don't like?

    Or, are you maybe jealous that you don't "get" sadville?

  9. Mike

    What has tea got to do with...

    ... being a wannabe LARPer with a self-confidence problem?

    But yes, the point is not to debate the worth of dressing up in a furry outfit and having group sex with other like minded individuals (virtually or not), the point is what makes sadville worth covering in elReg THIS often?

    I can only presume it's the undercurrent of sexsationalism that goes with SL, since there's sod all else to do there. Oh, if only they knew how much sex went on in mainstream MMOs...

  10. Alan Donaly

    There is no sex online.

    I am sorry to say there is no sex anywhere

    on line it's in meat space to get it you have

    go places and meet humans which is why

    I don't do it. Humans yuck!

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