back to article Now you see us, now you don't: ICANN goes transparent

The Wednesday ICANN-arama wrapped up with a session covering ICANN's ongoing efforts to improve its management and accountability practices: the "Accountability and transparency management operating principles" workshop. Maybe the title itself had something to do with it, but this very lightly attended workshop had the ring to …


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  1. Jeremy Malcolm

    There are two assumptions here

    First, that ICANN's role is "management of the Internet". It isn't. It's management of the DNS, basically.

    Second, that ICANN has anything to fear from the IGF. It doesn't. The IGF's mandate is much broader than ICANN's and relates to public policy development, not technical management.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    ICANN a "from the ground up" consensus body?

    What a joke. The only group among whom there is consensus in support of ICANN policies is those who profit from their abuse of the DNS system. ICANNs failure to even sort out mistakes they themselves have acknowledged says it all.

  3. Tim Wesson


    Surely a better name would be UCANT ?

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