back to article Air France starts mobile check-in

Air France and KLM have launched a mobile phone check-in service using SMS for confirmation. Initially the service will be available on departures from almost all metropolitan France and European airports, on Air France and KLM short and medium-haul flights. It should be extended to the entire network later this year. …


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  1. Gabor Laszlo

    DBA too

    they send you an MMS with the barcode if you check a box on the online ticket form.

  2. p

    Turkish Airlines has done this

    Turkish Airlines has been letting its customer mobile check-in for over 2 years now. What is the big deal that Reg is publishing this article.

  3. Dale

    "Fast" bag drop

    The "Fast Bag Drop" counter is just the same old check-in counter with a different name. Unless you're travelling with hand luggage only, the only advantage of online/mobile check-in is you can try to bag your favourite window seat a few hours earlier - saving all of ten seconds at the counter after waiting in a twenty minute queue. The downside is no opportunity to try to charm your way into a free upgrade.

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