back to article RIAA tried to shake down 10-year-old daughter, suit claims

An unemployed single mom with health problems has renewed her legal challenge of the Recording Industry Ass. of America (RIAA) with unseemly new details. They include accusations that the cartel's goons tried to contact the woman's 10-year-old daughter at school by impersonating the girl's grandmother on the phone. RIAA agents …


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  1. Dillon Pyron


    I really like her suing under RICO. She can recover tons in damages and get some serious restraints placed on them.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    If you mention extortion again

    I'll have your legs broken.

    (Mayor DePasta in Animal House, and CEO of the RIAA)

  3. Ted Treen

    Home of the brave, indeed

    Good to know someone has the guts to stand up to the self-appointed Gestapo/KGB of the RIAA. This is nothing more than a totally unjust & undemocratic cartel of vested interests. To trample over the rights of an individual and to indulge in illegal practises in an attempt to frighten someone into submission (You're guilty 'cos we reckon so) is just another indication of the state US Justice has got into under Bush. Self-appointed forces giving themselves draconian powers need stepping on - very firmly and very quickly.

  4. evil tom

    Word of advice to RIAA...

    Leave the hard drive, take the cannoli.

  5. heystoopid


    If this goes down , she will literally own the RIAA !

    Mind you the crowd she is dealing with , will use every dirty trick they can think of to weasel out from under , from deliberate legal time out calls to other !

    Sadly , however should RIAA ,and fellow shysters lose , in all probability all the costs of this action will be levied as some form of tax or extra charge on all recording artists contracted to the labels in question , via several of the more obscure sub clauses buried within!

    But then again , by doing so , at least she exposes to the world as to who the real thieving pirates are in the recorded music business!

  6. Jay_rm

    But, Mr. Treen...

    ...I seem to remember the RIAA was into dirty legal action well before Bush became President. Are you from the UK ? Maybe you can also blame the Bush administration for the Boston tea party (and the Falklands...).

  7. Mike


    Read the book. It is not a coincidence that the RIAA uses Mafia tactics.

  8. Andy Bright

    re: Mr Treen..

    Great idea.. forthwith Bush shall be named as a Boston Tea Party / Falklands insurgent.. :)

    But while I enjoy taking a stab at Chairman Bush whenever I can, you're actually right in this case - the RIAA have been suing people since Clinton was in office.

    However the people at fault are not Bush and Clinton, but those members of Congress paid and bought for by the RIAA.

    And you can't throw blame at one party of the other.. because large numbers from both are equally complicit for the DCMA.

    99% of what's wrong with the so-called democratic leadership on both sides of the Atlantic, is their willingness to sell their votes for favours and campaign contributions to the highest bidder, the morals of the issue be dammed.

    I've said this for a long time, we need to expel every single member of Congress and Parliament - in every election vote for anyone that's not an incumbent, where possible. I don't care what party you vote for, just don't vote in the same pricks that are laughing at us right now.

  9. English


    Most amusing... talk to any Argentineans who still care about the Falklands War (there are quite a few), and they feel that the USA was largely responsible for their losing it. (You are welcome to try convincing them otherwise.)

    Best to avoid arguments about who is "to blame" for what, maybe?

    I have no idea how much tea Argentineans drink, or whether they import it from Boston.

  10. Bill The Cat

    An old addage

    Never get angry.

    Never make a threat.

    Reason with people.

    - Don Corleone

  11. Brent Holt

    What a joke the RIAA is.

    eventually, this will all fade out. It has been very quiet for a while with all of the DRM coming out. The RIAA just needs to tell their clients it is their own fault they were 1) Very late to the mp3 party 2) could not figure out a way to sell songs online quick enough 3) said that "digital music" would never be a big thing 4) and most importantly...being tracked and/or sued by the RIAA does not make me want to run out an buy cd. Nothing political about this just corporate machine stupidness.

  12. Matthew


    I was interested to see that you referred to the RIAA as the Recording Industry Ass. of America". I think you should remove the full stop as it makes it look like 'ass' is an abbreviation of 'association'...

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    And in the end, it's *all* personal.

  14. Ted Treen

    Mea Culpa? - est, sed non maxima...

    To my respondents/critics. Yes, I'm English, and I accept that like most cartels, RIAA has been steeped it the mire since its inception, and I do not blame Bush for its wrongdoings. However, Ole GW's been around for the last six plus years, and it's been during that time that RIAA has become nastier, meaner, and totally unconcerned with anyone else's legal rights. The basis of democracy is that a government exists to serve its people: Bush should be made aware that it ain't the other way round, or at least that government should serve ALL its people, and not just mega-business. And before the flamings arrive from our rebel colonial cousins accross the water, I wholeheartedly agree that the same lessons need instilling in the British Government - possibly a chance now we have ein neues Reichsfuhrer, but I won't hold my breath.

  15. Steve Browne

    If 2.0

    Nice to see someone biting back.

    Now, I wonder if the US politicians will get back to "protecting our children", used so often to implement oppressive legislation, to protect 10 year olds from the might (sorry, bullying) of the RIAA. Perhaps even the "war on terror" could be directed towards them for their tactics, in destroying the "american way of life".

    Personally, I think it is disgraceful to threaten 10 year olds with legal action and I really hope that her mother takes the RIAA for everything it is worth financially, as it has no worth morally.

  16. Stephen Gray

    Can we contribute?

    Hi is there anywhere we can give some cash to help her with legal costs?

  17. Stephen Gray

    Ted Treen

    I'm pretty sure Latin's going straight over their heads mate :) besides they voted him back in which means 55% of the voting population in the US think Chairman Bush is the man for them so the kind of tactics employed by RIAA will be right up their street, so to speak.

  18. Dam

    Re: Abbreviation?

    Original message


    I was interested to see that you referred to the RIAA as the Recording Industry Ass. of America". I think you should remove the full stop as it makes it look like 'ass' is an abbreviation of 'association'...




    The trailing dot is very misleading indeed.

  19. kain preacher

    fight fire with fire

    What would be nice if you could get 30,000 people all to file law suits against the Riaa. Some in different countries. TIe their ass up for years in the courts.

  20. Steve Smith

    Stephen Gray

    > I'm pretty sure Latin's going straight over their heads mate :) besides they voted him back in ...

    'Oh, oh, no more buttered scones for me, mater. I'm off to play the grand piano'. 'Pardon me while I fly my aeroplane.'

    Ooyah arentay osay artsmay, imeylay!

    Hah! Consider yourself soundly thrashed, m'kay? Thanks.

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    They chose the wrong person to mess with.

    [quote]In 2004, about the same time she was targeted by the RIAA, Andersen was forced to leave her position with the Department of Justice[/quote]

    I guess they chose the wrong person to mess with. It's interesting to note that the RIAA as never, not so much as once, finished a trial over it's accusations. They always try to settle before it finishes. This tells me they know they have no leg to stand on and likelly tried to bully people using mounting legal fees. However, someone who worked at the DOJ is likely to have a lot of lawyers as friends. If I was a lawyer, I'd jump at the opportunity to build a career (not to mention to potential huge pay off if I win) by winning such a case. Considering that, while it might take a long time, such an outcome is likely, I'd be more then happy to charge an arm and a leg to my client if she wins and nothing if she doesn't.

  22. Nix

    Fight Fire With Fire

    I wish I had a few thousand kicking around to set up a few honeypot servers hosting bogus copied files. Then, just have some connection recording software copy down every RIAA IP address that tries to inspect the computer.

    Turn around, and hand the evidence over to the Justice Department to charge THEM with Computer Mischief-- Oh wait that's right, the only crime's worth pursuing in America are the ones costing big business money, how silly of me...

  23. Bucky

    Ted Treen

    Ted, I definitely agree with you about kicking all of the existing out and starting fresh. Our politicans have completely lost their sense of direction,,,,we definitely need term limits. Can't speak for your country but I do know mine needs it.

    Oh, and Stephen Gray.....55% of the voting population in the US did not think that President Bush was the man for us. Many of us KNEW that John Kerry wasn' has become a vote for the lesser of two evils...a sorry state of affairs.

  24. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    cannot be worse than......

    suing Surrey Police, who then send 4 baton drawn officer, 2 cars ,a gas van and then all stand on the road outside my house whilst the 5th officers comes to my doors and demands I pay him £67 plus £100 security deposit so that they go away. Yes a very nice police force with too many officers ,too much tax payers money .So the RIAA should be a breeze...

  25. Alucard-sama


    I know it's really irrelevant but Bullet in the Head by Rage Against The Machine isn't gangsta rap, it's metal...

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