back to article Evesham Zieo N500-HD 17in laptop

Evesham has moved fast to pack its Zieo N500-HD laptop with a long list of 'Santa Rosa' Centrino Duo features. The 2.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T7500 processor runs on the new 800MHz frontside bus and the chipset is a combination of 965 northbridge and ICH8M. Ordinarily, a new southbridge adds a handful of new features such as extra …


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  1. Rob Ashton

    Nvidia drivers...

    I've found that with my Nvidia GPU, that once the power cord has been pulled out I'm pretty much stuck with low scores until I restart, regardless of my power saving settings.

    If I'm in high performance mode when I pull the cord however I keep the high performance until switching power settings to a low one.

    Shoddy drivers, I hope you had restarts between your tests..

  2. Leo Waldock

    We'll be coming back to this one ...

    We want to look more closely at the Robson/Turbo Memory technology as it needs to learn which apps are used most frequently to improve caching so we'll be coming back to this laptop.

    I'll also re-run the performance tests on battery and when I do I'll make sure I restart the Evesham a few times to remove the question mark over sticky settings.


  3. foxyshadis

    No eSata?

    Hmm, odd that it has everything else and no Sata/eSata port. Since anyone who dishes out for a high-end notebook with a tv tuner is almost guaranteed to buy an external hard drive to capture some of it, having an eSata connector makes sense and means one less piece of hardware sticking out (since they're becoming more common than firewire, and usb is noticeably slower than either competing port).

    Fine review, 1680x1050 isn't surprising, it jibes pretty well with desktop 8600GT perf, which isn't amazing either. Hope updated drivers and/or bios fix the little hiccups a lot of early santa rosa laptops seem to be having.

  4. Tim Blackwell

    Can't actually buy it though

    I ordered one of these 4 weeks ago now. Why do companies insist on advertising stuff for sale that they don't actually have?! Recently I've been told that (at last) they have the parts but are now having 'driver issues'.

    If you ain't got em and/or they don't work then don't try and flog me one!

    Still, am looking forwards to getting my hands on it, if its not out of date by then!

    Evesham: C-, could do better if you tried!

This topic is closed for new posts.

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