back to article Microsoft security engineer makes top-10 worst jobs list

Summer's here, and 'tis the season to be compiling lists. One of the most eagerly awaited is the Ten Worst Jobs in Science, issued by Popular Science magazine. This year the roster of horrible occupations has gained widespread attention because it includes "Microsoft Security Grunt". Working at the Microsoft Security Response …


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  1. Dillon Pyron

    Bad jobs?

    I wonder where body recovery diver and crime scene cleanup finished.

  2. Mark Belchamber

    Elephant Vasectomist?

    I knew someone who did circumcisions on elephants.

    He said the money was poor but the tips were huge.....

  3. Sarev

    Death threats...

    It can't be much fun working in animal testing, either.

  4. Nix

    Retirement Home Tech Support

    Had a friend that did that for a living. Of all the IT folks I've ever known, he definately had the best stories to tell.

    Ever try to dig denture-paste out of a keyboard?

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Death Star?

    The Death Star had fairly good security, actually. Hacking windows is more like shooting a rifle at a soda can. Easy to hit, bit explosion, and the bystanders are all sticky when it's over.

  6. Don Mitchell

    Popular Science, are you kidding?

    Popular Science is about half a step above the super-market tabloids. If I wanted to know the latest about bigfoot or alien abductions, I'd check there first, but I'd like to see REAL news about the computer industry on The Register.

  7. Matt


    How is programming, or testing any more of a scientific activity than 90% of other jobs?

    Personaly, I'd put those poor people involved in observing early nuclear tests near the top of my list of jobs to avoid

  8. Andy

    "The Death star had pretty good security, actually"

    Erm. How can I put this?

    Do I really need to point out that it can't have, because it didn't exist?

    Star Wars isn't real. Sorry to break it to you.

  9. Rose

    I can't believe no one's said this yet.

    "Hazmat divers, while highly qualified, don't normally think of themselves as being involved in scientific endeavour"

    Of course not. They only go through the motions.


  10. Mike

    Death star security


    Do I really need to point out that it can't have, because it didn't exist?

    Perhaps the poster meant the _other_ Death Star, AT&T before the fall.

    That is, back before SBC proved that deferred maintenance, crap customer support, and legal manuvering to prevent customers leaving were _definitely_ the wave of the future, by trouncing (and then absorbing) the other baby Bells and eventually Ma herself.

  11. John Stag


    Since when is Microsoft security a "science"???

  12. Sean Nevin

    MS Security Science

    I once heard a way to differentiate between the major branches of science. If it's slimy or wiggles it's biology; if it blows up or stinks it's chemistry; if it complicated and doesn't work it's physics. I'd say Microsoft 'security' fits all three.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Of elephants and whales

    Did you hear about the wallet made from elephant foreskin?

    Stroke it, and it morphs into a suitcase.

    Q: How do you circumcise a whale?

    A: With four skin divers.

  14. Colin Jackson


    I'd say MS security was more of a 'faith-based initiative'.

  15. Michael Corkery

    Rose that's brilliant

    It works for gillian mckeith too

  16. Alan Ferris

    Elephant Circumcision

    I'd just like to pointout another dangerous part of this job:

    One slip, and you get the sack

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