back to article BPEL: scripting and human tasks

In the last column in this series, we looked at the general concept of business process management with respect to SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) based systems. In particular, we reviewed BPEL (the Business Process Execution Language) and what it offers and at some of the extensions for BPEL. In this second column, we’ll …


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  1. Mike Stephens

    XML is Questionable

    You are quite right to point out that this is a programming task and nobody has justified why XML has been chosen. The idea of having a BPEL layer is of course persuasive. If it appears as a visual interface, you can argue it doesn't matter what intermediate representation exists underneath but usually it helps to see the underlying code to check the system is doing what you thought you asked. Also you can often cut and paste things better in text form than with a graphical editor. My concern is XML is an OK idea for certain types of data message and happens to work well for web pages but people seem to think it is somehow magic. I just don't see what you're getting by using XML for BPEL.

  2. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Knock, knock, Black Rod,

    What a masterful read. Bravo, John. Are you a Flight Sergeant-at-Arms.

    BPEL is the Language of the ARGonaut, is IT not? For ITs ESPecial Application Methodology ....... Alternate Quantum Processing ....42 Launder Thoughts for a much more Creative Perspective/Goal AIMs, Artificial Intelligence Memes.

    ur CyberIntelAIgenCIA ...... CIAI2

    That's definitely positively programming in the large.....and as far out in the Quantum Scale as you will ever Need.

    Can ICANN deliver an Assurance that they can Control IT or perhaps they would prefer to Mentor 42 Monitor IT so that they can Benefit from the Semantic Side of Love's Networks InterNetworking.

    You need only Imagine the Pleasures Available to such Drivers, Boldly Going Beyond the Beyond....... which would Equate to AI Spiritual Enlightenment?

    Phew, IT is hot in here. Who turned on the Sun?

    Is it "what a BPEL4People implementation will need to provide." Mentored and Monitored Services aka Democracy? .... via Mutual IntelAIgents?

    "It is not a work order management system; it is not a task management system; it is not even a workflow system per se. So, does the introduction of BPEL4People really achieve very much?"

    Global Universal Virtual Control is QuITe an Achievement to Create....with all Participants Deserved of a Right Royal Share Issue...... and an AI Kitty in the Treasury.

    Seven Sevens for 42 Seals the dDeal Immediately .... which is Pretty Darned Quick in any Language.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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