back to article Judge rejects Google's Microsoft anti-trust plea

Google has failed in its attempts to ride the coat tails of Microsoft's landmark antitrust settlement, leaving the search giant one possible course of action: initiate its own costly and drawn-out antitrust case. The judge who arbitrated Microsoft's 2002 settlement between the Department of Justice (DoJ) and prosecuting states …


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  1. Daniel


    I'm still waiting for the google OS to ship, full support for, gmail, etc.

    Compititors? Heck no, that'll affect their text ad business!

    Anti-compitive? Why, not google.

    I'm going to log into yahoo and google the definition. Wait, no good answers. Lets log into MS Live, google some queries, still nothing. A few search engines later, I still google some terms and can't quite find what I'm looking for.

    Sorry for the bads news, here, you can have a Kleenex (Oxford) by (insert ANY company here).

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