back to article Team America to launder $24m North Korean cash through Russia

"He likes to gamble, feast on Korean food and take late-night tipples of cognac with his friends. He is also said to spend hours rejuvenating from his nocturnal adventures in the city's saunas." The Asia Times, on North Korean dauphin Kim Jong Nam After hearing a report on NPR last week that a potential solution to the North …


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  1. MishyMoshy

    North Korea: F*ck yeah!

    You gotta feel for the poor fella - i reckon like his dad he's just ron'ry and rooking for ruhv...

    But if they're gonna get all imaginative with the money laundering why not just arrange for Nam to turn up at some casino in Macau put all his chips on red and rig it so he miraculously wins 24 mills? I mean, it's not like he ain't got the briefcase to carry the cash back home in already, right?

    Alternatively they could set up a hot date for him with a Thai ladyboy posing as a Japanese working girl, then drop leaflets with photos of said encounter printed on them all over North K.

    Bombs away: Nam Suk Kok.

  2. Craig Foster


    Since when has Wikipedia been a legitimate reference?

    There's nothing wrong with acknowledging Wikipedia as a link to find the real reference, but to directly quote WP is just atrocious...

  3. WeeDom


    That's quite poor. There are not even any references or citations in the wikipedia article itself.

    Research, Burke.

  4. WeeDom


    There ya go. Double sourced, with 3 minutes on google. Can I get a job?

  5. Dillon Pyron

    $25M, sure thing

    Get the lady in, where, Philly?, to print up 25 of her million dollar bills. That should be easy to move.

    I can only think of three casinos in Las Vegas that might have the wherewithal to move that kind of money. Not the big ones like Ceasar's or the Wynn. Smaller, "family" run establishment. I won't name any, but one has its namesake in France along the Med and another is named after the edge of America in the 1800s.

  6. Richard

    419 email?

    How long before the boys in Lagos get hold of this one? Watch out for the email!

This topic is closed for new posts.

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