back to article ITC upholds Qualcomm phone ban

The US International Trade Commission has denied Qualcomm's appeal against a ban that could stop millions of the company's phones from entering the US market. The ITC issued the ban on June 7, which blocked the import of phones using Qualcomm chips that it says violates a patent held by Broadcom. The commission issued the …


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  1. Dillon Pyron

    No 3G in iPhone

    All of which explains why there is no 3G in the iPhone. At present. I suspect the UK/Euro version will have it.

    In 7 days, we'll have pictures of the guts. Probably by 9 am EDT. 1300 GMT. And then it's a race. /., Ars Technica, el Reg, Tom's.

  2. Ed

    As its not released till 6pm EDT...

    its unlikely we'll see any pictures of "the guts". Its most likely we'll see a company like iSuppli ripping one appart...

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    3G CDMA

    Since the iPhone is a GSM device which does not contain Qualcomm chips, and since there are multiple providers of GSM chipsets, it's lack of 3G is for other reasons.

    If the news reports are correct, the ITC ban is specific to 3G CDMA (W-CDMA and EV-DO) chips produced by Qualcomm. This will only affect North American CDMA operators, Verizon, Sprint, Cricket, and smaller who run 3G network. AT&T and T-Mobile, being GSM, have little to fear.

  4. Bernard Lyons

    It's about the battery, stupid.

    I'm getting fed up with people advancing all kind of nonsense reasons why the iPhone isn't 3G.

    Listen closely: 3G EATS BATTERIES.

    That's the only reason which matters. Apple do not want to release a device which needs to be recharged every day or two, and which will need its battery changed in 18 months or less.

    iPods are different. You don't need a music player to work all day long, you can listen to it until it needs a charge, then plug it in. The user's expectation of a phone is that it works when you need it. Especially one that costs 5 or 600 dollars.

    And since 3G doesn't penetrate buildings very well, if you live/work more than 2m from a window, the phone spends 95% of its time stepped back to 2.5G anyway.

    It's all marketing hype. 3G's dirty little secret is that it works fine in a lab, but not very well in the real world.

    I'd love an iPhone, but won't be able to afford one. It's going to be very interesting to see exactly how hard the usual dollar/pound/euro ripoff bites when it finally arrives over here.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    maybe it's about security... stupid?

    Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2007 17:31:16 -0400

    To: TSCM-L <TSCM-L2006[at]>

    From: "James M. Atkinson" <jmatk[at]>

    Subject: [TSCM-L] {1735} (Crackberry Juice) French Government Blackballs BlackBerry on Espionage Fears

    The ironic thing is that the French have been eavesdropping on Blackberries in the United States for years, and they have several extremely sophisticated interception sites in the DC area, San Jose, Seattle, Philadelphia, and Boston. One of the reason the French government is all upset with the United States is that they (the French) have been intercepting Crackberry traffic for years, along with Golden Eagle/Nextel phones, plus any phone that uses Qualcomm chips.

    Within the article there are a number of claims made by RIM that are utter and complete horseshit. While the messages are encrypted, it is a fairly low level encryption that is only suited for frustrating only amateur eavesdropping, but will do nothing more then amuse a professional eavesdropping who will have no problem decrypting the message.

    Let's all repeat Jim Atkinson's mantra again: "IF IT HAS AN ANTENNA, IT IS NOT SECURE".

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