back to article Intel chip boffins in litho brainstorm

Your digital camera is more powerful than you think. Using the basic concepts of digital photography, Intel researchers are reinventing the art of silicon lithography – the technique used to etch circuit patterns onto PC microprocessors. The company's new "pixelated masks" method - showcased this week at Intel's annual R&D day …


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  1. Nile Heffernan

    Reflections on Diffraction

    I'd like to see tha patent filing for that: as far as I understand the relevant physics, the smaller the aperture the greater the diffraction. So the gains available are very limited.

  2. Philip

    RE; Reflections on Diffraction

    Not really. It seems that by "drilling" a specific pattern of holes into some optical materials weird effects can be created. This is how a negative index of refraction can be obtained. I think it is therefore quite likely that they are actually using diffraction to their advantage.

    I am not an expert and I hope someone with specific knowledge of photonics and photonic crystals would comment.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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