back to article Sony NAS-50HDE Gigajuke audio system

Of late, the compact Hi-Fi system has struggled to find a place in the affections of consumers keener on more sophisticated home cinema audio rigs. However, the technology that looked like it was about to drive the last nail into the compact Hi-Fi coffin is set to breath new life into the format as products like the Gigajuke …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Megadeth RULE!!!

    ... and sounded great in Bristol last week :)

  2. Adrian Jones

    "Internet connection"

    From this together with the prefix "NAS" and your comment that a computer can be "plugged in", are we to infer that it has a network port?

    If so, what speed, 10/100 or Gigabit?

    Is it visible on the network as a NAS device?

    Can it access other machines or NAS devices on the network?

    I checked the web page you linked to, but that doesn't have much info. It even states that there's no recording timer, only a playback sleep timer.

  3. Sampler

    80GB HDD - but

    Nice to have the ol' mp3's on the HiFi - but wouldn't it be better if they just added Samba share support to the machine so you can add it to your network and enjoy the mp3's stored on the PC or visa versa, instead of having to duplciate what you have stored other multiple devices (if you had a walkman/Zen aswell).

  4. Albert

    Bluetooth would be good as well

    The ability to connect a bluetooth keyboard for navigating the menus would also be useful

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Full manual

    The user manual is available for download from the sony support site here;

    Looks like a nice unit. It does support network, timer record from DAB, and functions as a DLNA client for playback from DLNA compliant servers.

  6. Simon Oxlade

    Worst Product name ever

    "GigaJuke" - WTF? Sounds like a million John Waynes......

  7. Michael Corkery

    If you need any SONY manuals, bar consoles

    check here:

    I found it handy

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