back to article Google goes global with new-fangled ad engine

Google has extended its Pay-Per-Action ad beta to non-US advertisers, giving them the option paying only when they get results. With Pay-Per-Action, an AdWords optional extra that launched stateside in March, advertisers aren’t charged unless an ad generates some sort of action on their website, such as a sale or a sign-up. “ …


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  1. Bog Minot


    Are you sure you don't mean Javascript?

  2. Dillon Pyron


    Ah, I use noscript. This should be fun.

  3. Cade Metz (Written by Reg staff)


    Yes, JavaScript. Thanks for the post. --Cade Metz

  4. wayne


    The Internet is being scourged with useless advertising. If it is being put on an website, it should be paid per view, or per period, period. The websites are doing the advertiser an publicity service, and should be paid for it, they are wasting their time and space, it is up to advertisers to actually sell something. Worse still, they raise awareness of the brand and products, but the user might go to the website at an latter stage, or from another website because they checked it out at the previous site, and the original website will not be paid.

    What is happening instead of straight forward, honest, non-underhanded advertising, is that these alternative schemes, in general, are forcing website owners to put more advertising on their websites, copious amounts actually, overloading users and making them pay much less attention to them. Also causing pages and load times to be much larger. This shoots everybody in the foot, the advertisers get lost in the humongous crowd, as they don't stick out (unless they put an annoying advertisement) the website owner gets little return as users are now avoiding the advertising, forcing the website to depend on even more advertising. If we had stuck to period, or per view advertising, then advertisers could pay to be the only advertiser per page, and websites could get away with only an couple advertisements per page, which the suers would be much more interested in responding too.

    Quote of the month, "What is Google AdSense, is it used around here?" says the person that is so used to ignoring too much advertising, he doesn't realise it exists.

This topic is closed for new posts.