back to article Evesham 26in Alqemi V and VX HD TVs

Evesham is rapidly building a rep for releasing inexpensive but decent low-cost LCD TVs, and its Alqemi line is leading the way. The range stretches from flat-friendly 26 inchers right up to palace-perfect 42in models, but we decided to audition its two cheapest: the Alqemi V and the Alqemi VX. While both screens are …


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  1. Arnold Lieberman

    6 years and counting...

    It's too early anyway, but it amazes me that 6 years after buying my current telly (Sony KV29FX60, 4:3) I cannot find a replacement that comes near the old CRTs picture quality. It's the same old thing after many generations of LCD technology - blacks that are more like dark blue, harsh whites, slow tuners, poor UIs etc. etc. I'm going ot wait until there has been real progress. Maybe SEDs are the answer?

  2. David Bird

    Maybe poorly set up at the factory?

    The last two TVs I bought left the factory maladjusted (both for geometry and colour). My small sample may be unrepresentative, but I would not be surprised to find that if access to the engineer set-up on the sets was available one could obtain identical and satisfactory colours on both Evesham models.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    In the interest of Greenness, and saving

    some pounds off our electric bills, could you not supply

    the power consumption of these things as well as the price?

  4. Robert Grant

    The traditional cry rings out...

    Did you try DVD upscaling, and how good was it, and what DVD player did you uuuuuse?

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