back to article iPhone variants on the way?

With the offical US launch of Apple's iPhone now just days away, the rumour mill has begun grinding out news that variants on the device are also on the horizon. The source of these unconfirmed rumours? American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu, who has been quoted as saying: "Apple needs to round out its iPhone product …


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  1. Alexander Hanff

    One Word


    (see: )

  2. Aaron Fothergill

    iPhone Shuffle

    An iPhone shuffle would be great fun. Just one button that dials a random number each time you press it :)

  3. Mike Landers

    Is the Pope Catholic as well

    So.. basically this is some bloke saying "new product will have revised version at some point in the future"?

    I wonder how much he gets paid, and whether I can have his job.

  4. Caspah Scottorn

    Iphone Shuffle

    I await the Iphone shuffle, with just one button it will randomly dial any of your contacts. Great for people who want to talk at other people and not really listen for any responses.

  5. Dillon Pyron

    Of course!

    Of course there will be cheaper models. Just like there will be a 3G model. The question is when. Apple can't afford to piss off early adopters, so the cheaper models will have to have some features cut. But it's those features that make the iPhone what it is.

    About a month ago, Cingular/AT&T sent me an email saying that they had iPhones reserved for my wife and I and all we had to do was come in and tell them we want one. OTOH, our contract ran out in December, so they probably want us on a new one, which now requires the purchase of a media package. But I don't think I'll pay $500 for a phone when I can get all I need for $50. Or a WM phone for $100.

  6. Fred Fnord


    He successfully predicted... that a CELL PHONE... would be delayed by the FCC's regulatory apparatus?

    Somewhat akin to successfully predicting that the iPhone would be able to make telephone calls. Because if it is able to make telephone calls, it will be delayed by the FCC approval process.


  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Please, spare us from Wu

    Shaw Wu is an analyst for pete's sake. He claws together rumors for investors. None of his "predictions" were prophetic in any way. He merely states the obvious / summarizes the latest rumors, that's all. I am amazed he gets so much attention. Any fanboy can do what he does and get to the same level of "being right". Plus it is not that Wu was "right" on much, or anything spectacular anyhow.

  8. Alecia Biscotti

    iPhone Battery Not a Worry for Me

    everyone is always bashing the iPhone cause of its irreplaceable battery but i know that is working on an iphone battery that lasts longer than the stock battery apple gives you. They already have kits for the ipods and now iphones so it's juice for me all the way!

  9. Tech Hippy

    Re: iPhone Battery Not a Worry for Me

    I'd check the warranty first..

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