back to article Vyke moves VoIP battle to SMS

VoIP provider Vyke has added text messaging to its mobile phone client, enabling its customers to text each other for free and charging just over a penny to text anyone else. The UK based company reckons it's 10 times cheaper for NASA to get messages back from the Hubble space telescope than for you to text your mate - byte for …


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  1. Shaun Monkman

    t-mobile cottoned on already?

    I take it t-mobile have cottoned on already then.

    They're changing their online tariff from a cap at £1 a day to a flat rate of £1 a day!

    Subtle change, but will make things like this financially unviable!

  2. Jason Croghan

    Mobile operators are a god damn joke.

    SMS messages were free when I got my very first mobile phone about 8 years ago. It was only when the operators noticed they were on to something that they started charging for the service. Capitalisation is the enemy and the Mobile Operators sure know how to join that party.

    A mobile operator whos motto is Free SMS's, I bet it would still make a hefty net profit.

  3. Dillon Pyron

    This is going to hurt

    I'm not on a media plan from AT&T. I don't typically send that many text messages in a month. This weekend I sent about 60. At $.15 a message domestic and $.30 for international.

    Messages such as "Speed sucks, beating Rubens and Fischy"

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    down with capitalization!

    "Capitalisation is the enemy"

    word, brother. i vote all new keyboards be shipped without the shift key, and auto-capitalization be turned off on mobile phones. long live the lower-case txt! down with oppressive letter changes! small caps for all!

  5. James Penketh

    Re: Down with Capitalization (sic)

    No, don't get rid of the [shift] key.

    I need that for my punctuation, get rid of the [Caps Lock] Key.

    Who uses that thing anyway?

    Back OT. I don't text that much (if at all.) anyway, so *maybe* this won't really bother me. (But then again...)

  6. David Mantripp

    Down with Voda

    "Both solutions use the data channel to send text messages, breaching the terms and conditions for data bundles - such as Vodafone UK's, which explicitly excludes "text messaging clients".

    Surely that is as clear a case of anti-competitive behaviour as even a European Commissioner could hope for ?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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