back to article Novell opens office for SMBs

Novell is gunning for a chunk of the office market share from Microsoft with the release of its open workgroup suite for small businesses. The new software, which is based on Novell's Suse Linux distribution, has server and desktop components which include open source products. It comes with Groupwise for email and …


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  1. Law

    no thanks

    I stopped using Suse when Novell got into bed with lucifer (M$). Who know's what STI's you could catch!

  2. Andraž Levstik

    stuff it where the sun don't shine

    novell can keep it and suse well away from everyone... The same goes for any other distribution that goes so low...

    The interesting thing is that they could easily lose all community support with such tricks... anything they provide patches for or bugs could be put at the far end of the queue, support would disapear etc...

    I'm sad that that actually didn't happen would quickly put off m$ and others from trying such tricks...

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Deja Vu - It's 2005 all over agian

    They tried the same thing over 2 years ago

    Take a look at the news release from Novell's 2005 BrainShare conference...

  4. Godwin Stewart

    Office software?

    Why do SMBs have to pay Novell loads of cash for a solution comprising software they can download themselves for free?


  5. Adam Shailes

    Because the Novell Editon of OpenOffice comes with:

    Because the Novell Editon of OpenOffice comes with:

    Support from Novell

    Starts faster on Windows then the opensource verison

    Has better VB support

    Has the same common fonts as windows

    Does not screw all my fonts/page margins up from word docs.

    And 100s of other fixes from Novell engineers and the community which will make its way into the version on some time in the next year!

    Novell are no angel but its history and enterprise skillset make Linux cool, hence why we are slowy able to migrate our clients off windows desktops.

    We wouldnt be doing the migration work we are doing today if Novell didnt have a Linux Desktop or a version of OpenOffice!

    Supported Linux, Linux thats enterprise and small business ready means more users and a smaller server and desktop share for Microsoft.

    All good in my eyes.

  6. Warren

    Re: Because the Novell Editon of OpenOffice comes with:

    So try the original StarOffice from Sun, which comes with

    All what you said, but supported by Sun, not Novell / Micro$haft

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