back to article YouTube, CNN invite cats falling out of trees to US Prez debates

A tip for all you Yanks reading El Reg: This summer, during two U.S. presidential debates scheduled to air on CNN, candidates will answer questions submitted via YouTube by web-cam-wielding Net freaks. A Democratic debate is slated for the night of July 23, with a Republican version to follow on September 17. The CNN/YouTube …


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  1. James Cleveland

    Oh dear.

    If the intelligence of youtube comments is going to go by, this will be pretty much the worst thing ever.

    Oh wait its american politics.

  2. SnowHawk

    Now wait a minute

    We are doing our best to make American Politics as interesting as the rest of the world.

    Why, just last week we had State Senators in Alabama brawling on the floor of their Senate.

    And don't tell me that you aren't amused by the antics of my very own, Conan: the Governor.

  3. Stuart Van Onselen


    While that Alabama punch-up was mildly entertaining, you have a LONG way to go before you equal the Taiwanese or Japanese legislatures...

  4. SnowHawk

    Comparing pros to amateurs

    Give us a chance to test waters a little and then work up to the professional level. Those politicians in Taiwan and Japan are the big leagues. I certainly don't expect Beckham level performance from amateur level players.

    Also, our press still goes apoplectic when a politician says something as "controversial" as "Immigrants should avoid Spanish-language media to learn English". Do you want their heads to explode? (Come to think of it, that might be a desirable outcome.)

  5. George Brown

    Taiwanese and Japanese?

    Sorry for the ignorance, but it does sound interesting - what exactly about Taiwanese and Japanese legislatures?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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