back to article Headless zombie wanders San Francisco

Since western businesses have already lost an estimated five billion working hours to Google Maps' Street View facility, as employees eschew their duties to scour the US's highways and byways for hot Las Vegas babes and fag-puffing lawyers, it should come as no surprise that it didn't take them long to find the first evidence of …


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  1. tim chubb

    maybe not a zombie

    looks remarkably like an episode of pinky and the brain, when brain builds a human sized robotic suit, but still has a mouse sized head....

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Law suit

    Well I suppose that’s one way to avoid potential Privacy lawsuits.

  3. G

    Looked good until I dug a little further.....

    Zoomed out from the picture then changed the angle.....sadly just some guy happily walking down the street unaware that his picture is being thrown around the net!

    Sorry to spoil this one for all you "I believe in zombie's" folk!!

    Google link to changed angle:

  4. ian


    Isn't that the location of the HQ of AOL telephone support?

  5. cor

    Google lose the head.


    Clearly Google don't want any more people suing them for privacy breaching, and this is their answer.


  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Needs to tie his shoelace

    (Zoom in a bit)

  7. Andy Enderby

    Perhaps Beavis has progressed to long trousers, but remains forever trapped in a cornholio moment.


  8. Rose

    re: Looked good until I dug a little further.....

    "Sorry to spoil this one for all you "I believe in zombie's" folk!!"

    Oh dear. A dual sense of humour AND grammar failure.

  9. bambi

    Bad hair day

    With a barnet like that its no wonder the head was removed....

  10. Morely Dotes

    We've got to nuke them from orbit!

    It's the only way to be sure!

  11. Eric Werme

    Rufus is in California....

    But not too close to San Francisco. whois reports:

    Administrative Contact:

    GadSpot, Inc.

    NA NA (



    713 W. Duarte Rd


    Arcadia, CA 91007


    Technical Contact:

    NA NA (

  12. aestheticpisces

    Disturbing Language!

    When the headline refers to "San Francisco", even when the article is about headless zombies, perhaps the author should give some thought to the American translation of "fag-puffing lawyers" before hitting the 'publish' button. When I followed the link, I expected to see an explicit alleyway romance. I'm so disappointed.

  13. Rebecca Putman

    re: Disturbing Language!

    Poor American wanker - if'n you're gonna read Teh Reg, you're gonna hafta learn the <s>King's</s> Queen's English. *snicker*

    Oh, yes - I'm an American fag (lesbian) who is also an Anglophile.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Queens English.

    Oh, yes - I'm an American fag (lesbian) who is also an Anglophile

    No my dear, I can see your an anglophile with your knowledge of your mother language, that does not make you a fag, abbreviation of the the term faggot, in Great Britain a fag is a cigarette, although the term (faggot and then fag) was used in the 70's to denote with unkindness to a person with homosexual tendencies, the term now being superceded by the term 'puff' 'pufta' '(wully)wufta'or 'queer', and for the female the terms 'les' 'lesbo' 'lebbo' 'lemon' and 'dyke'

    Of course we now have 'political correctness' laws and the public use of such terms when directed at an individual to cause offense could land you in a lot of trouble.

    We also have dual standards in polictical correctness, as proved in the current series of Big Brother, where the 'N word' was used by a white female to a non white female, and she was pulled from the show, but the word goes out a 100 times a day on radio stations.

    Irrespective of you beliefs about people who descend from other countries, have different lifestyles, or you just plain dont like, you cant now voice an opinion about them, even if its just descriptive terminology and without offence being caused.

    So, headless zombies do exist, and the one captured in the photograph is probably one of ours on holiday, from his job in our government's political correctness department......

    Lez. (name not lifestyle)

  15. J

    Fags and Faggots

    Sorry, but you're all a bit wrong on this "fag" thing. There are two derivations. One is from the days of witch burning, when fires were started with bundles of twigs or rushes. These were known as faggots (and still are in some parts of the country). However the good olde witch burners never wanted to waste a fire, so when they had someone tied to the stake they'd chuck a couple of hog-tied homosexuals into the base of the fire as well, to help get it going. So the burning gayboys took on the name of faggots as they were essentially doing the same job. I'm not aware that women were ever treated in this way, there seem to be relatively few records of women being executed in the UK for being queer.

    The other derivation is a bit more tenuous and more recent- there was a tradition at many of the UK "Public" schools (to translate for the yanks, thats rich upperclass twit private schools) of junior boys having to do menial tasks for the senior boys, By menial I mean such things as lighting fires, shopping, cleaning shoes, running errands, and (knowing the preferences of many of our public-school types) being on the recieving end of a bit of enforced gay buggery every now and again. These junior boys were known as "fags".

    As you can see there are traditions in the UK for male gays to be called "fags" or "faggots", but not females

  16. J

    Fags and Faggots

    Sorry I forgot to finish my last post - the term "fag" for the cigarette has two possible origins - either by association with the burning fagoots, or alternatively in some parts of the UK "fag end" was used as a derogatory term for the end of something - e.g. the leftovers from a leg of lamb after carving, or the odd length at the end of a used bolt of cloth. When used for cigarettes it seems that the term may originally have been "fag end" and just applied to the used butts, later being used for the whole cigarette. I suspect a prison or military origin where used butts would have been valued recyclable objects

  17. Trevor

    Faggots and Peas

    As an anglophone and expat living in Canada I can confirm the use of fag to denote one of homosexual inclination (bent?). I believe the word is a contraction of fagela. Fanny Fagela being an early departee from the closet.

    Faggots is correctly ascribed to bundles of wood and lowly public schoolboys who perform menial tasks for prefects. They also are spiced meatballs in gravy often served with mushy peas as a UK Midlands delicacy.

    So far as fag (as in homosexual) being superceded by the term pufta I believe the reverse is true as a poofta wallah was a queer in the great days of the British Raj.

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Street View Site

    A Great selection of Street View finds:

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