back to article Plazes launches location-based blather

The Twitter generation can now go beyond telling the world what they're doing, and can now tell the world where they're doing it - though whether the world cares is open to question. Plazes provides the kind of short-message updates familiar to Twitter users, but also links them to a specific place, allowing other Plazes users …


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  1. peter


    I bid $100,000,000 and a further trillion in stock options.

  2. Mike Campbell


    For when you want to find the 15 year old retard that bad mouthed you on the internet. Personally, from that standpoint alone I think it's a great idea. However that would mean having to actually use the waste-of-bandwidth service in the first place...

    They should outlaw this kinda crap, then ISPs wouldn't have to restrict their moronic subscribers by throttling their bandwidth, enforcing caps and sending shirty letters out to boobs who insist of cluttering links with piffle.

    £0.02 :-D

This topic is closed for new posts.

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