back to article Linspire invites dirty uncle Microsoft over for patent party

When not threatening to sue Linux makers, Microsoft can't help itself from partnering with them. Redmond today announced a buddy-buddy deal with desktop Linux maker Linspire. We'd call it a stretch to say that anyone cares about the technical details behind the Microsoft-Linspire tie-up, but that would send a handful of …


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  1. Simon

    Microsoft Lindows

    This could end up with the dreaded Microsoft distribution.

    A name change back to Lindows and of course the hierarchy at Microsoft completely missing the point again!

    Hopefully it will kill Linspire and all the slutty distros that have jumped into bed with the 800lb gorilla. :-)

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I would have thought that Apple would have been upset by that. Shawly as word starting with the letter I they would feel that it is automaticly there interlectual property.

  3. James Cleveland

    Something using Msn voice clips?

    "# Linspire's licensing of the RT Audio Codec to let its Pidgin instant messaging users talk to Microsoft IM users"


  4. Martin Owens


    Never really liked Lindows/Lin****/Linspire; Can't wait for the FSF to sue the pants off Xandros and Linspire; keeps plenty of activity at groklaw anyway.

  5. Steve Anderson

    Linspire's another also-ran

    Novell's deal is the only one that actually counts for anything (especially with the vouchers/validity/GPL3 combo that could neuter Microsoft). Xandros and Linspire are also-rans, created by money men attempting to take something for free and then monetise it... and failing to make even a whisper of a glance of a suggestion of a dent on the Linux user base while simultaneously failing to pick up anything of consideration in Windows migration.

    Next week Microsoft will be putting out a press release about buying a copy of Linux Format or something.

  6. Law

    Feel.... so.... cold

    How dirty must the people behind Lindoze feel?? Used.... so used.... having said that, I use Pidgin - but I wish they could have just done something usefull, like offline messaging (which isn't completely supported on my current version).

  7. Ian Rogers

    Desperate Google bashing?

    "The shipment of Microsoft's Live Search as the default search engine with Linspire 5.0"

    Trying to move Linspire users from Google to MLS seems a bit desperate.

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