back to article Data retention laws do not cover Google searches

Google is not bound by the Data Retention Directive when it comes to search engine logs, Europe's data protection committee has said. Google has used the Directive to justify keeping data, but OUT-LAW has learned that the law does not apply. Google has come under increasing pressure in Europe to anonymise its server data, but …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    My data is none of your business

    My political views, are not for you to keep track of.

    My medical conditions are between me and my doctor.

    My sexual preferences, are between me and my lover.

    My buying habits, I closely guard against salesmen.

    My telephone number I guard against cold callers.

    My travel plans are not the business of third countries spooks.

    My bank payments are between me and my bank.

    My rent costs are not your business.

    My raw material costs I protect from my competitors.

    My emails are not for you to read.

    I have done nothing wrong. I have not kidnapped people off the streets of Europe, I have not tortured people, I have not had protesters arrested for protesting, I have not forged documents to invade a country, I have not lied under oath or to parliament, I have not detained people indefinitely without trial, I have not bypassed the judicial branch, I have not lied to cause the death of 655,000 people and 3800 American & British troops, I have not created Kangaroo courts. I have no undermined democracy or suppressed dissent. I do not know a terrorist, but I now a President that's a family friend of one.

    I want my data protected from *you*, because I'm the good guy and your the bad guys. 80%+ of my countries voters agree you are the bad guys and that 80% also need protecting from you.

    Privacy was written into EU Fundamental rights by wiser and more honest men than you.

This topic is closed for new posts.