back to article Japanese offered USB bum-cooling cushion

Bot too hot? Then you need the USB cheek chiller, a PC-powered cooling seat cushion now on offer from those crazy folks at Japanese gadget specialist Thanko. Thanko Botty Cooler Yes! It's the USB arse cooler How does it work? A built-in fan pulls in cool air from down near the base of your chair and pumps it up and out …


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  1. Sam

    Along with the USB Mug Warmer...

    Along with the USB Mug Warmer, this looks like something i need to buy. As it should deal with sweaty balls as well

  2. Mr D

    Sweaty balls ?

    I didnt see a USB ball cleaner? May I suggest wiping them down before bagging them after a game, just until they come up with a device!

  3. Gez

    Bat wings!

    A friend of mine has tried these and yes, they do sort out the ' Bat Wing' problem for men...not just for hot bot women!

  4. Roger Lancefield


    "Customers who bought this item also bought 'Office chair deodorizer'"

  5. Dave


    great idea, today I plug in this gadget and cool my bits by a couple of degrees, then in a few years time they can sell me a bigger one because all the power I used warmed the planet by a few degrees :o(

    pointless, just like air conditioning.

  6. Haku

    More USB cooling

    The USB bum cooler will go excellently with this:

    (even if the combination would make you look like the Michelin Man / Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, who's sitting on a black whoopee cushion)

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Another use

    Automated fart distribution system?

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