back to article George Bush's watch clocked on eBay

It didn't take long for George Bush's wristwatch - allegedly swiped on Sunday by Albanian former godless Commies - to pop up on eBay. Sadly, there's no photo at present to back up the sale, but the vendor does give a very good reason: I bought this watch from an Albanian friend, he claims to have "borrowed" it from George …


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  1. Dillon Pyron

    Extraordinary rendition?

    eBay will cough up his identity, some CIA wet work guys will come for a visit at 2 am and faster than you can say "I am not a terrorist" he'll find himself in Egypt.

    He'll confess to having a fraudulent auction, be transfered to Gitmo as a "high value" suspect, be classified an "enemy combatant" and get 5 years, which can be served in Australia. But the trial won't happen until 2012.

    This is a best case. Worst case, eBay says it's a fraud and revokes his ID. Oh the horror!!!!

  2. bob_blah

    Not 2012...

    the 'trial' will have to take place in 2011, cause that's when the next Australian federal election is due after the one in November this year.

  3. Webster Phreaky

    The Reg Idiots, pandering to the Hate Bush "godless" morons

    While not all Brits are morons like those that write for The Register who take every chance to bash the President of the US, just wait till the next time that you need your arses Bailed Out when your island paradise is threatened with extinction from real evil forces. A Bill is in the mail for all that "lend lease" you never paid off.

    Have a nice day ... while it lasts.

    Ps. Stupid story with no semblance of fact, but that's what you're known for.

  4. Richard Griffith

    While not all Americans are morons...

    Do you think there will be a discount as rumour has it one of Mickey's arms was detatched in the struggle.

    Mr Phreaky... if that's really your name... Did God tell you to say that?

  5. Sam Millner

    I love people like this (ie webster phreaky)

    I could rip on his name but I'm not immature. Instead I'll rat on his lack of logic.

    Firstly if it offends you, why the hell are you reading it?

    Secondly - I have only ever heard the reg claim to be the most biased opinionated British morons ever, (like me =p) if you have heard them claim any differently ie to be a serious tech site etc, please let me know.

    Thirdly I'd like to quote whoever the chicken was quoting on Chicken run "Bloody Americans! Late for every war, overpayed, oversexed and over here."

    Nuff said.

    PS I'm a 17 year old english jerk who has no business posting this, so any insults/witty responses would be wasted.

  6. Cavan

    I feel I have to say something

    when did it become ok to take the mickey (mouse watch) out of the afflicted. We shouldn't lower ourselves to the low bullying tactics employed by the class bully. He has problems, he will overcome, look how much the albanians loved him.

    It did however look like 90% of them were reaching for the watchless wrist, as if to say look dubya not noticed it yet .. At least he's welcome somewhere in the world.

  7. Morely Dotes

    I'm not a Brit

    I'm an American citizen, a proud retired US Army veteran - and deeplay ashamed that the United States of America has allowed a cretinous thief like Dubya to sit in the Oval Office.

    And Webster Phreaky seems to be exactly the sort of chauvinist Southern Baptist git who'd vote for Bush and Cheney - after all, it's good to send our younr men and women off to die in a foreing civil war, as long as Dick Cheney's Halliburton stock keeps the price up due to those wars, isn;t it?

    Oi, you Brits - next time you want bailing out, call me. We've plenty in common - includign the concept of "common law" - and at least you aren't French! ;-)

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A refreshing american point of view

    Webster Phreaky... you know... it wouldn't surprise me, if that was actually your real name and i bet you can count up to twelve by using all your fingers!!.

    And as for a land lease?? what the hell are you talking about - you lot are only squatters on that piece of land you stole off the original inhabitants anyway

  9. Alex


    I'm hoping that this Phreaky guy was just flame baiting oO

  10. Ian Ferguson

    Re. Phreaky

    'Stupid story with no semblance of fact' - um, the article links to the auction in question, how many more facts do you need? Rather more solid than certain WMD 'facts' if you ask me...

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Lend lease

    Oi, Webster: The lend lease was finally paid off on 29 December 2006. So there.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Watch not stolen

    Check out the Reuters Oddly Enough news today. It wasn't lost or stolen. He slipped it off behind his back.

  13. Paul F

    Hey Webster

    What do you mean by "godless"? 'Cause I'm pretty sure you don't mean it in irony.

  14. William Fisher

    While not all morons are Americans.....

    Bailed out eh ? We would have got creamed eventually without your nation's help but where do you think the later undeveloped V-weapons would be aimed after we had been overrun ? Or the Horten "stealth" bombers ? Tiny bit of self interest here ?

    "A Bill is in the mail for all that "lend lease" you never paid off"

    Oh do keep up. We've only just paid that off because the terms were so crippling.

    So that's what they meant by "Freedom isn't Free".

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Another Yank's Opinion

    If someone took Pres. Bush's watch, he would not say a thing about it. I am certain the positive reception was politically worth it.

    Never mind ol' Phreaky. He's just trolling.

    I will say this, though: watching the decline in politics during the Clinton and "W" presidencies is depressing. If things get much worse, somebody will have to invade to bring democracy back to the U.S.

    (Just a tad cranky lately -- I was planning to retire to Mexico in a few years, but there is no way I can climb that d@*& wall!)

  16. James Cleveland

    Re: The Reg Idiots, pandering to the Hate Bush "godless" morons

    Hey is your humour gland broken today?

    Anyway, anti-anti-bush sentiment is getting just as lame as anti-bush sentiment now.

  17. Paul F

    About the watch....

    Since Albania was the only visit on this tour that wasn't a total disaster, if they did steal his watch then that kind of casts doubt on their enthusiastic greeting. Maybe they were only cheering him to get at it?

    On the other hand, if he was afraid that it was going to get stolen, and took it off, then that implies that he thinks Albanians are untrustworthy, and casts a shadow over his visit. Way to be diplomatic, there Bushie!

  18. Graham Dawson Silver badge

    Rather than resort to insults...

    It may already have been brought to el reg's attention, but I shall post it here anyway.

    Basically he didn't trust em not to steal it, but they didn't actually steal it.

    Now to see how long before someone cries "OMG FAKE!!!11"

  19. Rodger Young


    Oh, how edgy. More Bush-trashing. You guys are so COOL. The Austin Powerses of the IT journalism world.

  20. Aubry Thonon

    Re: Rather than resort to insults...

    "Now to see how long before someone cries 'OMG FAKE!!!11'"


    OMG FAKE!!!11

    Happy to oblige ^_-

  21. JayB

    I wonder...

    ... how a semi humourous bit of silliness on Ebay got interpreted as "Bush-trashing"???

    Oh I know, a flame trolling little eijit being overly sensitive *sigh* See that's what any kind of fundamentalism breeds, absolutely no sense of humour.

    *waits for the baying southern mobs to burn him at the stake for calling an American a fundie*

    Way to go mad Ebayers!!! Keep up the silliness, too many people are taking this world far too seriously!!!!

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Least we're not French

    Amen brother.

  23. Jason

    You're all missing the point!

    What the FARK is the leader of the free world doing wearing a Mickey Mouse watch?

    (Actually, it would explain everything)

    And I'll happily be called godless any day. It much better than the alternative: believing in some bronze age mumbo jumbo about a "God of love" who sends you to roast in the fires of hell for all eternity if you don't believe. Talk about the height of gullibility.

    (Now calm down all you Southern Baptist types... put the pitch forks, pro-Bush t-shirts and white pointy hats away. You're only proving my point)

  24. lglethal Silver badge

    Whats worse - stolen or hidden?

    So what's actually worse here - that some Albanian has lived up to there reputation (whether justly deserved or not i cant comment) of being thieving bastards and stole George's watch? Or that George W Bush believed them to be such thieving bastards (even though they were the only people in the whole of Europe to be nice to him) and took his watch off so that they couldn't steal it?

    Cast your votes!

  25. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Just a reminder

    Anti-Bush bashing will not be lame before the day the idiot gets thrown out of the Oval Office. Until that day comes, he is quite capable of dragging his country into yet another pointless conflict, causing tens of thousands of additional useless deaths (but not his !) and creating immeasurable chaos that will take decades to overcome.

    For that reason, it is perfectly justified to bash Bush, since nobody has the cojones to impeach him. Unless some White House girl gets enough courage to give him a blowjob ? Apparently having patently lied to drag his country into a war is not enough.


  26. Master Baker

    True Story

    I went to Albania for a 2 week business trip a couple of years back.

    When I got home and looked in my suitcase I found that my souvieners were ok, my shoes were fine, even some software packages were ok (yep - silly to pack them in my case). But my underpants were missing. The robbing feckers had stolen my worn underpants.

    Nothing to do with Bush and his Mickey Mouse watch. But my pants....

  27. Mad Max

    All hands behind backs!

    i think the albanians were kinda offended cos their army was forced to disarm, so they stood there in procession with their hands behind their backs! they took his watch as payback. in saying this, they probably wouldve taken it anyways. couldnt have happened to a nicer fella. keep an eye out in your nearest pawn shop

  28. Ted Treen

    Phreaky is a master....

    Phreaky is just baiting:

    He's a master at it...

    Yup! He's a master b...

  29. Steve Drake

    Re: You're all missing the point!

    "What the FARK is the leader of the free world doing wearing a Mickey Mouse watch?"

    Saw it on "The Da Vinci Code"

  30. Lloyd

    On the subject of the Lendlease

    It's from Robot Chicken (an American program) and although the quality's not that great it's still bloody funny and true:

  31. bob_blah

    Convenient history

    Why is it that the yanks always forget that the only reason why they aren't Commonwealth citizens to this day is because the French bailed them out?

    Always amuses me how people can conveniently forget history when it doesn't fit their personal view of the world.

  32. ian

    Webster Phreaky

    Hasn't that twit already won FotW before?

  33. Michael Corkery

    What's with the constant french bashing?

    Surely the definition of gullible american is any american who attacks the french - you were fed an easy nation to pick on to distract and encourage the move towards war, because the french were crazy enough to point out that there was no credible intelligence for WMDs, and that a war in Iraq might be a bad idea?

    This would be the same France that sent troops in to support the independance of three nations that were trying to free themselves from the yoke of British oppression, namely Ireland, India and the United States? But unlike the US, when they send men to die for a common cause, they don't bang on about it for ever and ever afterwards, instead they sent the US a symbol of freedom, the Statue of Liberty. That's right, the French designed and built statue that symbolises what the US used to stand for, once.

    It always amazes me. They're idiosyncratic, they have a poor record on early nuclear weapons testing, they lacked the armed forces or political will to stroip German invasion during the war, and they're still dealing with integration of immigrants successfully. Yuo could list a far longer list of excesses, oppresions or atrocities against the UK or US (UK, whoi was the first the gas the kurds, beating Saddam by decades? that's right, you guessed it, the UK!), yet they're still the whipping boy of either. I guess transgressors always need someone else to point at...

  34. miklove71

    The ad is back

    I escaped the Extraordinary rendition (and the orange jump suit) and was able to repost the ad, after removing some offending links (to the original news story)

    and webster, wanna buy a used cigar...?

  35. Stephen Gray

    Webster Phreaky when exactly did USA bail us out?

    Would that be after we had already won The Battle of Britain? (you probably haven't heard of it because you spent most of your school life dodging gun toting students) The ONE and ONLY reason that the USA joined the rest of the world fighting the Axis powers (you may want to look that up too) was because of Pearl Harbour, it was not to bail us out at all. Take your Yankee bases out of my country and both of us will be happy, you wont have to "bail us out" anymore and I wont have to correct your knowledge of your own countys history.

  36. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    We paid the bill!

    Note to Webster Phreaky:

    We paid your bloody "lend lease" bill - I believe the last payment was in 2002 - so NEVER EVER mention how you "bailed us out" again... we PAID YOU, so you were nothing more than mercenaries!

  37. bambi

    Anti-American bashing

    People wonder why the tin-tanks get a hard time from the rest of the planet, and why everyone seems to take great pleasure in putting them down (not in a vetenary way, shame). It may, just may have something to do with the fact the you all 'appear' to be a bunch of arrogant tossers with no care for anything except your own self interests. Maybe its your foriegn pollicy, maybe its your reglious extremists and fundamentalist, maybe is your guns and murder rates (not linked at all) maybe its the fact that you wont do jack about the environment just incase it hurts big bussiness' pocket.

    If everyone hates you there must be something in it, the whole planet cant be wrong......

  38. XML slave

    I is hurt...(only a smidgen)

    If you want to take jabs at America that's fine. Most of them are pretty amusing anyways. But try to remember that we're not all the same. A baptist from southern Alabama is a far cry from an atheist in Pennsylvania. There's a big difference in attitude, morals, education, and so on and so forth. Make fun of our government, our economy, and our inability to blend in foreign countries and not look like a tourist. But don't lump us all together. That's like saying that everyone on the island can't cook (still up for debate), or all of the french are rude, or that all polish people make blondes look smart.

    I've travelled a bit. You guys across the pond are great. I don't get why everyone's got to bash everyone else. Except the Albanians...come on, who can trust them now? ^_-

  39. miklove71


    The ad got booted again by ebay. This time the ad allegedly broke their "fee circumvention policy" by containing the text "All reasonable offers considered". A quick search on google found the following, still running, ads containing the same text...

    Ebay Australia

    Ebay Canada

    Ebay UK

    and many many more... conspiracy theory anyone...

    anyway, just to annoy the humour police, the ad has been re-posted, for the third time, let's see how long it lasts...

  40. The Farting Ferret

    George bush's watch On Ebay

    It appears it has resurfaced on ebay heres the link to it:

    Its his original Timex peice by the looks of it, and is also coming from Albania.

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