back to article 10 reasons why the Black Hats have us outgunned

Here they are: The Black Hats form a well integrated community that shares knowledge effectively. Should you, after months of research and effort, create an exploit that allows you to hack Windows or any other frequently used software product, you can auction the exploit on the internet in a well organised manner. Yes, the …


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  1. Steve


    Yawn !

    Is this is it then ? Is this all we're going to get from Mr Bloor ? A continuing series of vague, doom laden articles to remind us all how frightened we should be ?

    Symptomatic of the yank attitude 'post 9/11' for sure, but deeply irritating, IMHO.

    Sure, there are criminals out there who want to steal your stuff, this is not news, and couching it in over dramatic prose and regurgitating it does not make it so.

    If we are to continue to be bombarded with Mr Bloor's FUD, could we at least see some evidence of the research behind the opinions, you know, references, links and such.

    Or is that the point, do we have to send Bloor Research $$$ in order to obtain information that is, most definitely, freely available from the likes of SecFocus and the Honeynet project ?

    This really is Daily Mail level reportage.

  2. Heff

    Good grief

    I sincerely hope El reg didnt pay for this rubbish.

    10 reasons why blackhatters have us outgunned? this article isnt even about that, and would have been better titled

    "OMG WAU U wNT B a Skript Kidiegh?!"

    buying software? renting botnets? this makes you a black hatter, these days, does it? so what makes me a white hatter, hitting "submit error report" when windows crashes?

    Vague, badly written pseudo-alarmist claptrap that I hope bloor wrote with his tongue firmly in his cheek. and the simple and obvious question nobody seems to be asking is: if blackhatting is so easy and safe and lucrative, why is bloor wasting his time trotting out unworthy bugn pieces for El Reg when he could be the next Dick Turpin of the tinternets?


  3. Matt


    makes me want to play uplink again lol.

  4. Christopher E. Stith

    Really just two or three reasons, then?

    1. They can be somewhat organized when they want

    2. They will work for money rather than just ego these days

    Possibly 3... they lower the barrier for one another, but that's really just an effect of reason 1, isn't it?

    The rest is just variations on a theme from where I sit. I know "Top Ten" is a popular format, but list should be fit to the story, not the opposite way around.

  5. Heff

    RE; Chris

    because; ALARM! Black hatters pseudo-organised and like money! isnt really a story.

    wait, neither is this.

  6. James Cleveland

    Whats ridiculous

    Is that corporate pride and greed are the main things preventing the white hats from working property.

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