back to article YouTube, Disney to trial copyright takedown software next month

YouTube says it's now really close to trialling the video fingerprinting technology it has reckons will put an end to its status as a copyright renegade, which won it a $1bn lawsuit from Viacom. The long-delayed system, built by Google engineers, was plugged again on Monday by YouTube marketing wonks, who told reporters it'll …


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  1. Matt

    Anyone remember napster

    the slow demise of a really rather handy service. I only use youtube to watch music videos of people you'd never see on western TV. Much like I use bittorrent to get hold of shows that wont be out for years (if ever) and if they do come out will be charged at £20 a dvd with only 90 minutes of entertainment per DVD and upto 9 DVDs a series.There are far better things to spend £180 on. Now if there was a TV channel showing what i liked for £20 a month I'd pay it (as long as it wasn't dubbed and it was only a few months behind the origonal releases. This however will never happen.)

    You can see youtube going the same way as napster, but there is always a new place to get stuff that isn't worth any money (except in the deluded world of executives and lawyers) the world post-napster just lead to a greater spread of places for us to get stuff from.

This topic is closed for new posts.