back to article 140mph YouTube boy racer facing jail

An 18-year-old who filmed himself gunning it at over 140mph in his dad's motor and posted the footage on YouTube is facing jail, The Sun reports. Nathan Campbell yesterday 'fessed up to dangerous driving to Burnley magistrates for his escapade which saw him overtake on the hard shoulder of the M65 in Lancashire "while music …


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  1. Steve

    140 in an MR2?

    Seems unlikely to be accurate reporting at some level, as MR2's have a rated top speed of 124Mph.

  2. Tom Peach


    Lets hope the little prick gets a jail sentence. The speed is one thing, but I'm surprised he didn't kill anybody undertaking on the hard shoulder.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Yep - 140mph in a MR2

    The Mk2 MR2 Turbo topped out at around 150mph, so 140 is easily possible.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    140 in an MR2

    The jap imports are normally restricted to around 124. normally speedo conversions can get rid of this and they can then travel a lot faster.

  5. Chris Collins

    Depends on the model

    Steve - Which engine size were you looking at, which marque etc

  6. Lloyd


    Lock the little scrote up, or even better, if he likes a bit of speed get a load of offenders together for a Death Race 2000 type scenario.

  7. bruce

    Turbo MR2?

    It could be the MR2 Turbo.. Which has the essentially the same engine as the Toyota's past rally cars including the Celica GT-Four. The Turbo MR2 can do 152mph Top Speed and a 0-60 capability of 5.7 seconds. Having owned a Celica GT4 i can testify that while it's heavier than an MR2 it can do 140 (by gps) with no issues. There are places to speed, mostly on a track.. but undertaking and then on the hard shoulder.. I'd like to have seen what he'd had done with broken down car on the shoulder at 140mph!

  8. Adrian Jones

    If he's doing 140Mph

    And an MR2 have a rated top speed of 124Mph, then perhaps the car has been "tweaked" a little.

    Wonder if his (dad's) insurance company know about it...

    Also, if he was filming it on a mobile phone, will he be done for using a mobile as well?

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    No Video

    There is no video just a link to a jukebox of all the Suns videos.

  10. Chris Collins

    And here's the link

    G-reg MR2, so presume the Mk2 and it'll be the 2l turbo, top speed 147MPH. Given speedo inaccuracies at that level I'd imagine he's pedal to the metal.

    Tech specs here

  11. Tim Schomer

    The real reason to lock him up is....

    Not for doing 140 (reported) in an MR2, nor for swerving around the road (although that's pretty st***d) but for being foolish enough to put the video footage online and expect NOT to get caught. They used to say there's only one crime, getting caught - and he's making it easy for them!!

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: 140 in an MR2?

    There have been 3 generations of MR2, I'd imagine this was a second generation turbo (90 - 00) rather than the latest one.

  13. bruce

    Maybe he should watch this..

    Because driving like that could cause this..

  14. Chris Cheale



    Also, if he was filming it on a mobile phone, will he be done for using a mobile as well?


    That would be sweet, like the icing on the cake... adding insult to injury, I REALLY REALLY hope so >:)

  15. Dave Driver

    Using a mobile?

    Don't see why he should get done for that - the dozens of drivers I see daily using hand held phones on the A1 don't get done.

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What a stupid twat

    The guy needs to bve taken off the road not only was he breaking the speed limit, but he was also driving without due care and attention. My partner of 3 years was in a RTA at the age of 11, he now has a walking disalbilty and can not enjoy life to the max such as going of roller coasters, however he does drive and Mk4 Toyota Supra and has been known to break the speed once of twice, But he always has hands free and he never swaps lanes left right and centre like that twat was doing

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    lock him up

    Lets hope the Crown Court gives him 6 months in jail for that so he doesnt endanger anyone else in future.

  18. Toby Roll

    Yeah, yeah, get the noose.

    It's only 140 FFS. The really stupid part was recording it. Swerving around is kinda dumb too but you old giffords have got to realise how annoying it is when you're in they way at 75 mph and won't move over.

  19. Martin

    He needs more than 6 Months

    Maybe CC should give him a year and a 2 year driving ban to commence once out of prision otherwise he will re-offend within a short period. Let hope they give him 2 year probation driving after that also so that if he does 100mph or more he can have his licene revoked

  20. Matt Brigden


    "It's only 140 FFS. The really stupid part was recording it. Swerving around is kinda dumb too but you old giffords have got to realise how annoying it is when you're in they way at 75 mph and won't move over."

    The dumbest part of its the speed you prat . Speed limit 70mph mean anything to you ? . Thought not .

    Hopefully you will get caught and taken off the road before you kill somebody because sods law says you wont kill yourself .

    People like the guy who got caught and morons like you need taking off the road . And for the record Im not an "old gifford" . People like you make me sick .

  21. Clay Garland

    I ran from the Cops. . . Once.

    Once, while travelling to my grandparents' in Savannah, GA, at about 3 in the AM, saw a distant blinking in my rearview which I identified as police lights. Thinking to myself, "Those are way too far behind to be for me," I glanced down at my speedo. Lo and behold, I was doing 105. I thought to myself, hmmm, 35 over, that's probably a loss of license, and this is likely just a Crown vic chasing me, I put my foot in it knowing that the subie would probably do 160-170 easily. It did, and according to the speedo I hit 166, on a deserted interstate highway mind you. I zipped off the next exit a few minutes later and camped out in a dirty crapper for a half hour to let the fuzz lose the trail. From then on I have never done any speeding.

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Yeah, yeah, says Toby the Tosser

    Toby Roll, you are an idiot. I won't speculate on the personal inadequacies that may be behind your pathetic need to assert yourself by driving like a twat, I'll just point out that in the UK the speed limit is 70 and applies to everyone. May your way be blocked by countless "old giffords" you impatient, moronic, but above all sad little man.

  23. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    re: Yeah, yeah, get the noose

    ** It's only 140 FFS. The really stupid part was recording it. **

    Only 140? Hello? He was going double the speed limit, and seriously endangering lives, and deserves to lose his licence for ten years, then have to take a test before it is reinstated.

    If he had ploughed into your car while driving at that speed, and you were seriously injured, would you still say "It's only 140 FFS" ?

    ** you old giffords have got to realise how annoying it is when you're in they way at 75 mph and won't move over. **

    Excuse me. The speed limit is 70 mph, not 75! I bet you have (or have had) points on your licence then.

  24. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The UK speed limit is 70...

    And was set as that because it was the max speed of most cars out there at the time. It's a bit arbitrary, so banging on about that isn't the issue.

    He could have been doing 50mph in the rain when everyone else was doing 30, and I'd argue that would be more dangerous.

    If everyone else was doing 120, it woulnd't be a problem - it's the closing speeds and usage of the hard shoulder with one hand that concerns me.

    Not to mention the fact that the MkII MR2 Turbot ain't exactly regarded as a good handler - a ditchfinder, as someone once explained to me - pendulum rear end.

    The consequences of heading sideways at 140mph [on the clock - probably more like 110-120mph given how speedos over-read] on a busy main road don't bear thinking about.

    Lock the bastard up - hopefully he'll get put in with someone big who wants a nice close friend...

    [I'm no anti-speed campaigner BTW - I am an anti-retard campaigner, however]

  25. JR

    Wow... 140 in a non-turbo

    I'm fairly certain it's not a turbo. That small guage in the centre above and between the speedometer and the rev counter is a battery voltage indicator. In a turbo that's the boost guage, and would be at max until gear shift when it would briefly go to minimum before quickly hitting max again. Also the acceleration is pretty sluggish so seems consistent with a (possibly chipped and certainly de-limited) normally-aspirated MR2.

    What it does point to is that he is a complete nutter. Beyond the wildly dangerous swerving, to develop that speed with non-turbo acceleration requires flooring it for a considerable time.


  26. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Wrong wheels?

    Could be an after-market turbo I suppose....more likely his old man has put on some 'nice' alloys and doesn't understand tyre sizes - it looks nearer the 100/110 mark to me - acceleration is very slow given his foot is planted.

  27. Phil


    The guy is an accident waiting to happen. Not only driving like a prick, at twice the speed limit, all over the road, in busy traffic, but doing it all with one hand while recording his retardedness on his phone for posterity/the police. Frankly, I'm extremely surprised that little stunt didn't end in a serious crash.

    Incidentally, anyone else notice the dark green (VW?) near the start of the clip. It must have been going a good 100mph, according to our star's speedo...

  28. Daniel Ballado-Torres

    250 km/h ?

    Hm... somehow I blame the Imperial system ... when I read 140 I told myself "Hm... that's what I usually do in the freeway". It was until I read "140 MPH" that I really got shocked. Ow! Most I've done is something like 210 km/h ... and just the idea of changing lanes ... slowly ... gives enough g-force sensation to deter any kind of swerving.

    This kid was doing more than that, and I'm surprised he didn't crash into something ... *or* somebody. OW.

  29. Neil Docherty

    It's not the speed...

    Speed alone doesn't kill (assuming the car, tyres, etc... can handle it), it all depends on the road conditions such as weather and traffic. Is this case, the guy was driving like a tit (and most likely couldn't safely handle a car at 140MPH under any circumstances, like most people).

    Almost all drivers on a motorway have done over 70 at some point but if the traffic volume is not too great, the weather is good and you keep a safe distance from any other traffic, you shouldn't run into problems.

    One other thing, did you notice when he was doing 100 (I assume a lot less given most speedo accuracies at speeds over 70) there was a car in front of him which was staying at the same distance (i.e. was likely doing 100 too). Surely they should do him for speeding too!

  30. Stewart Stevens

    Camera work

    No one has mentioned the shocking camera work. Practically the whole video spent staring at the speedo. Shocking. He should be slapped for that.

    I'm sure his dad regrets letting him drive this car. Remember this kid is 18 so don't be too hard on him.....he should never have been driving that car.

  31. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Its a N/A UK Spec car

    I've just bought a Revision 4 MK2 MR2 and I am a paid member of the MR2 owners club.

    Needless to say the forums at the club website has a lot of posts about this idiot. Not happy. And yes, his dad should never have given him the keys. Members enjoy and look after their cars and keep this sort of thing for dedicated track and 1/4 mile days.

    As its a G-Reg, it will be a Revision 2 MR2, developing 158bhp. It is definately not a Turbo as stated, the boost gauge would give it away and in the UK spec car it is a battery gauge. Many owners add aftermarket air filters and de-cat exhausts - his dad likely has not done this, if you do the engine can get up to around 165-170bhp as the standard filter and cat restrict the engine quite a lot. The speedos are also notoriously innacurate over 100mph, so its likely he was doing more around 130mph.

    The later revisions (3 & 4) develop around 173bhp, but are actually slower than the standard revision 2 because of added weight. Guess what the weight is...

    Air bags and safety improvements, which in the event of a crash would obviously influence the driver's survival chances.

  32. Scowners

    The Golf

    Yes, I saw that. That golf must have been doing some serious speed too..

  33. Chris Barrett

    Lock the little tit up

    My nephew who is 18 was bought a souped-up Ford Fiesta for his birthday. He rolled it and wrote it off. A few months later, in his new car, he was stopped for speeding (105mph). Despite all of this he has not lost his license. His insurance has gone vertical but other than that he seems to have no disincentive to try again. Lock up all these little pricks. The reason they are in one of the highest-risk insurance groups is because of stunts like the one shown in the video. Zero tolerance I say.

  34. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    just like someone i know...

    ...drives (or rather drove) like a twat, everyone knew he did, even with his baby daughter in the car.

    Then a couple weeks ago on a stretch of road which should be taken with great caution he had a serious accident. But it’s not him that’s suffered; his daughter who was in the car I hear is ok, but his pregnant girlfriend also in the car has lost her baby and is still seriously ill in hospital.

    He had a little bit of whiplash.

    He should never be aloud on the road again.

  35. Goldie

    Should one drive sluggish

    Hundred years ago it was required by law that a man with red flag should walk in front of the car. Some of the commenters above might be interested in resurrection of such legal requirement.

    Yes indeed, everyone can appeal to have this kid sent to jail (and it would take place). But the real question is whether this would remove the risk of other kids doing the same? I would say "no", given how often the car is treated as a measurement of social success, and a tool for show off.

  36. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Is it not possible that the speedo is in KPH? Especially if it is a Jap import. Not all imports are turbo. Just a thought, don't flame me for speculating.

  37. Michael Corkery

    I read Toby Roll's post and got really angry

    then I read the immediate replies, and just thought - Well said!!!

    It's gratifying to see that most posters respect that the rule of law when it comes to roads is there to prevent suffering, mutilation and death.

    By the by, fair play to the car club posters who make the point that speeding is OK - as long as it's kept on track days, etc, and not brought onto public roads! It's idiots like Toby Roll however who risk the lives of others, no doubt convinced against all statistical likelihood that they're above-average drivers and thereby exempt from safety laws.

  38. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Ever heard of this? The Toby Roll post was constituted of this literary device

  39. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Talking of the VW IF you take in to account the fact that the Speedo was reeding 100 at the time of him being in front it is probably safe to asume that the the VW may well have been doing 70 if:

    The comments about the speedo inaccuracy over 70 are true (It can be up to 10% off, legaly, so therefor 90 MPH)

    If after market Wheels were fitted (Quight possible with all the talk of modification etc) going from the standard 15" wheels to 18" wheels and the speedo was not recalibrated that would over read by about 21%. Therefor giving a speed at that time of about 71 MPH. (12 % with 17", giving a total of 79MPH, illigal, but not stupid or unbelivable and withing the 10MPH most police forces alow on an M-Way)

    That would also meen that the MR2 would be doing about 100 MPH. Still illigal, but within the range of a Jap Mk 2 MR2 (Or 110 with the 17"). The truly stupid thing is the driving and the fact he is 18 driving a powerfull sports car that is, by all accounts, a bit of a handfull at the limets.

  40. Jasmine Strong

    The real problem

    The real problem with this idiot's driving is not the speed, it's the inappropriate speed. Driving fast does not cause accidents. Driving too close, driving without paying attention, and driving erratically does.

    If this kid had been properly trained I wouldn't have a problem with him driving at 140mph. On the other hand, if he'd been properly trained he'd have known that he shouldn't have been doing 140mph on that road, with that much traffic, and with one hand on the wheel.

    I suppose what I'm really saying is that I don't have a problem with speeding as long as they don't do it in a dangerous way. This lad was definitely dangerous, and needs to be taken off the set in the most definite way.

    Also, his taste in music sucks and he has a terrible phone.

  41. David


    "MkII MR2 Turbot"?? That's some seriously fast fish!

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