back to article Kilted Debian lovers to overrun Edinburgh

Here's a poser for you: could there be anything more frightening than a bunch of open source geeks (proud ones, at that) milling around the mean streets of Edinburgh? Well, yes. How about if you put some of them in special Debian kilts? Yes, those wags behind the worldwide Debian conference have designed a tartan especially for …


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  1. Aigars Mahinovs

    Kilt is already photographed

  2. Greg Nelson

    One Two Punch

    I've been playing with different distros on two amd64 boxes for more than a year. With the recent release of Ubuntu 7.04 and Debian 4.0 there's a lot to be said for pairing the two distros up with Ubuntu on the desktop. Ubuntu is Debian based and Debian has a big advantage in being perhaps the best documented Linux release. Plus having had Bruce Perens on the team and benefiting from his Open Source Series Debian may be the most accessible Linux distro. Prior to release 4.0 Debian offered no official support for the amd64 platform. Both distros have been very solid as I tinker away at comparisons.

  3. Rose

    Wodger mean, let it go?

    Hem below the knee and concertina socks?

    Must be a skirt, that's not how a kilt is worn. Sort of the Celtic equivalent of torn jeans and a T-shirt, I suppose.

  4. Haviland

    House to rent....

    West Edinburgh, available 16-23 June...

  5. Gavin McMenemy

    Edinburgh linux geeks

    I know a few of these "guys" and, to be honest, the idea of them in kilts is ... disturbing.

  6. Martin Benson

    re: One Two Punch

    Yes, very interesting Greg, (yawn) but have you tested the kilt yet?

  7. Karim Bourouba

    re: Kilt is already photographed

    thats just a dude in a skirt.

    also, have a garage for rent in central edinburgh

  8. Bruce Leyden


    "Save yourself the typing and just let it go"

    ...implies that some people might think a kilt is anything but a skirt. Of course it's a f*cking skirt!

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Is that a Speccy in your Sporran..

    Or are you just pleased to see me?

    I worked with two Scots out of Glasgow and Edinburgh before, top drawer, Bruce Perens et al can anticipate hearing all about Robert the Bruce scared Romans and John Logie Baird over single malt whiskeys and if they're brave followed up with a Mars bars in batter. They should design a tartan for the Clan Debian while they're there.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    To Rose, kilts are generally worn long - the hem is supposed to touch the ground when you kneel down. Concertina socks and flat shoes are a mistake though...

    Bruce/Karim - a kilt isn't a f*cking skirt - I'd like to see your geeky ass in one, or rather, I'm glad I won't!

  11. Andrew McMillan

    Another pic of Phil Hands in the Debian tartan kilt

  12. Peter Simpson

    Morse code

    yup, the pattern of wide and narrow stripes in the tartan does, in fact spell out "debian" in Morse...

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