back to article EU slaps 'Davros tax' on mobility scooters

The EU has moved to restrict the number of mobility scooters available to a machine uprising on the UK streets by slapping import duty on the vehicles, the Telegraph reports. Our artist's impression of a Terminator granny astride a mobility scooter The ruling means a £250 price hike on the average £2.5k cost of the mostly …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    About time!

    Mobility scooters are a menace.

    My two year old boy was injured by someone dangerously driving a mobility scooter, who seemed to think that making a barely audible beeping noise beforehand gives them the right to crash into you. Some owners/operators of these vehicles also seem to think they have the right to drive them the on the wrong side of the road in city centre rush hour traffic.

    Hopefully the £250 tax on them can be used to fund a compulsory day's training (like a motorcycle CBT) to explain the responsibilities of a mobility scooter operator and show people how to use these vehicles in a socially acceptable manner!

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    RE: About time!

    Be fair now - that's like saying that we should penalise all car drivers for the actions of a few nutters. Oh, wait, we already do...

  3. Stephen White

    Well if they drive them on motorways ...

    Maybe it was the driver in Hampshire that drove his disability buggy onto the M27 that prompted HMRC to think "Well if they're going to use them on motorways then they must be cars"...

  4. Alan

    Re: About time

    I'm a disabled person, but fortunately, I can still drive a car at the moment. Do you think I should have to pay more in case I decide to go banging my car into people?

    That extra £250 will mean that some disabled people won't quite be able to afford to buy a scooter, so will be pretty much housebound. How would you like to be in that position? If you are in that position sometime in the future, I'd like to bet that you would shout just as loud as any other disabled person when the cost of living for disabled rises for any reason. We already have a situation where disabled benefits have NOT kept pace with inflation over the last 10 or 12 years, not by a long way. This will just make things worse for a lot of people.

    Have a little thought for others, please.

  5. SImon Hobson Silver badge


    I have a friend who has recently bought a scooter - and I can assure everyone that it is a) NOT a luxury, and b) not by any stretch of the imagination a 'car' !

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  7. gaz


    they've probably looked at America and realised we soon will have fat people, not just disabled people using them too.

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